Colonel Fox's Cremorne 1859 Gin

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Cremorne 1859

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London, England


English cherry


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Colonel Fox's Cremorne 1859 Gin

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Cremorne 1859 was launched in 2012 and is a collaboration between CASK Liquid Marketing, PR guru Antoni Heatley and the artist Charlotte Cory. They wanted to produce a classic London Dry Gin when they came across an intriguing recipe by Colonel Fox. Using only six core botanicals, they produce classic gins that hark back to Victorian England.

The balance between the botanicals in Colonel Fox’s gin is perfect. The juniper is prominent on the palate, closely followed by a zesty, fruity flavour. There is a very traditional kind of sweetness, presumably from the liquorice, that gives it a pleasantly creamy mouthfeel, ending with a focused and peppery finish. A solid, all round gin.