Colombo 7 London Dry Gin

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Colombo 7

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London, England

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Lemon and Black Pepper


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Colombo 7 London Dry Gin

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With a rich and exciting history in Ceylon, Colombo 7 London Dry Gin is sharp, warm and evocative of Sri Lanka.

Handcrafted in the UK, Colombo 7 London Dry Gin in its original form was a triumph of innovation and spirit! Back when Sri Lanka was Ceylon, British Customs and Excise officers truly believed that a good London Dry could only be made in the UK - meaning that it was prohibited elsewhere.

A young asian distiller believed otherwise and fought until he could create a gin with local botanicals. His success created the regulations for Ceylon Made Foreign Liquor as well as Indian Made Foreign Liquor, laws that still stand today.

A London Dry Gin inspired by a passionate and determined history in Ceylon; Colombo 7 London Dry Gin is distilled using only 7 botanicals, most of which are native to India. Ginger root, coriander seeds and, rather uniquely, curry leaves make this a subtly spicy gin; angelica and juniper are responsible for the more traditional, resinous flavours. Warming with a touch of citrus, Colombo is an elegant combination of cultures.