Caspyn Midsummer Dry Gin

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Cornwall, England

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Caspyn Midsummer Dry Gin

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Caspyn Midsummer Dry Gin is a summery gin to suit a range of tastes and makes an extremely refreshing gin and tonic.

Emerging from the Cornish coast, Capsyn Midsummer Dry Gin is produced by the delightfully named Pocket Full of Stones Distillery in Penzance. A distillery passionate about their surroundings, environment and the people around them.

Carefully distilled with summer flora local to Cornwall as well as cucumber, Capsyn Midsummer Dry is both wonderfully refreshing and still packs the punch of a quality dry gin. Fresh cucumber is apparent on the nose with a subtle juniper pine. The cucumber flavour continues through and dominates the gin, adding a subtle sweetness that refreshes the palate, followed by a burst of citrus peel on the tongue.