Cardiff Dry Gin

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Eccentric Gins

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Llanistrat, Wales


Rosemary & Orange


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Eccentric Gins Cardiff Dry

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Launched at our own Gin Festival Cardiff 2015, we bought over half of the initial 150 bottle run! So now we're offer you the chance to get your hands on the first ever gin from Cardiff!

Interestingly the gin lacks any citrus but it retains dry and sour qualities from the use of pine reserves such as rosemary and sorrel which is then balanced with spicy caraway and fennel seeds. Their creation includes native juniper grown on the common in Llantrisant.

The gin started its life after a public call on social media, where they got hundreds of responses to what people wanted to see in their own gin. After weeks of scrolling through recipe ideas they created samples of three gins, ready for a crack-team of experts to test the gins in August.