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BTW Tonic Water

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BTW Tonic Water (The BTW stands for Bermondsey Tonic Water) is a mellow and smooth tonic that showcases any gin beautifully.

Made in East London and based on a traditional Victorian recipe, BTW finds its origin in the 214 Bermondsey gin bar. A craft gin bar, the owners were frustrated with the overpowering bitter and sweet flavours of most tonic waters which they felt ruined the inventiveness of modern craft gin.

What is most distinct about BTW is its colour. Most tonic waters are made using a process which bleaches the cinchona bark (the tree from which quinine is derived) to obtain the quinine extract that gives tonic its characteristic bitterness. BTW just use heat and water which gives it its lovely, but unusual, golden hue.

Mellow, rounded and soft BTW delivers the bitterness you expect from tonic but lacks the sharp citrus or cloying sweetness. It is superb for showcasing the range of excellent craft gins available.