Blue Bottle Gin

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Three Fingers Distillery

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St. Sampsons, Guernsey


Pink Grapefruit


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Blue Bottle

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Inspired by the beauty found even in a fly's wing, Blue Bottle Gin is a truly beautiful gin that celebrates the exquisite in the ordinary.

So far the only gin distilled on Guernsey, Blue Bottle was inspired by a research project at Cambridge University involving, well, blue bottles. As future gin creator Matt peered down his microscope he was struck by the exceptional beauty, intricate detail and distinctive colouring of a fly's wing, and how such beauty could be easily overlooked here and, for that matter, everywhere.

Blue Bottle Gin is truly a work of art! With gorse flowers, cubeb peppers and nutmeg, this unusual combination of floral notes and spice is supported by a menthol sweetness. Juniper plays a strong role yet works well with its companions.