Blind Tiger Piper Cubeba Gin

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Blind Tiger Piper Cubeba Gin

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Stare the Blind Tiger in the eye and you'll be roaring for more! Blind Tiger Piper Cubeba is a beautifully strong and spiced gin.

Inspired by the prohibition era trick of selling a ticket to see a ‘blind tiger’ then receiving a complimentary drink, the Deluxe Distillers work out the backroom of a hidden distillery! Established in 2014 and based in Belgium, Deluxe Distillers craft small batch, premium spirits.

An above average ABV and the unusual use of a malted barley and cubeb pepper means Blind Tiger Piper Cubeba is a spicy, warming spirit. Earthy ginger and cracked black pepper rise to the fore with zesty orange and lemon following. Gentle floral notes top this gin off perfectly.