Blackwoods 40% Vintage Dry Gin

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Shetland, Scotland


Mint and Lime


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Submitted on 2016-02-18

A very lovely gin, easy to drink and at an affordable price it makes it even better. Would recommend this to everyone.

Blackwoods 40% Vintage Dry Gin

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Blackwoods Vintage Dry is a smooth yet crisp gin. Distilled in small batches of in a 200 year old, copper pot. Including; citrus and floral notes.

Based in the beautiful wilds of Shetland, Blackwoods wait for the right weather conditions each year to harvest their unusual Shetland botanicals; sea pink, meadowsweet and marsh marigold. Using natural mineral water they distil small batches of gin in a 200 year old, copper pot.

Blackwoods Vintage Dry is an extremely smooth yet crisp gin. It has an abundance of citrus that carries through the nose onto the palate and is followed by gentle floral notes. These flavours are superbly balanced by the sharpness of the juniper.