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Black Tomato

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Bruinisse, The Netherlands

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Tomato Gin
Submitted on 2017-07-14

Whilst it is obvious that this gin is a contemporary Gin, it's flavours and hints of spices are not so obvious. The taste is one of a mild tomato rather than a heavy "in your face" pungent tomato taste. I would award 5 stars, however the price for this gin I feel is somewhat overpriced, considering there are better and more inexpensive gins available.

Gin Festival in a Box Cosy Nights In Edition with Black Tomato Gin


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Now part of our Gin Festival in a Box Cosy Nights In range, Black Tomato Gin, made with a unique botanical, balances sweet and savoury to produce a beautiful spirit, ideal with seafood.

This one-of-a-kind is produced by Kampen Distillery in the Netherlands. Nestled in the small fishing town of Bruinisse, which is famous for mussel fishing and the massive Oosterschelde National Park, they have drawn both inspiration and ingredients from their location. The signature black tomatoes are grown near the distillery and they even go so far as to add a splash of local seawater to the mixture.

100% vegetarian and organic, Kampen Distillery take great pride in doing as much as possible in-house, even going so far as to malt their own grain prior to distillation.

Black Tomato Gin is a robust and powerful spirit with lots of different flavours at play. Rich dark fruits are obvious and followed by pleasant spices on the palate. The powerful fruitiness of the tomato is balanced by its own tanginess and the peppery kick of juniper. Equal parts sweet and savoury, this is a gin that lends itself well to pairing with seafood and seems to cry out to be used in a Red Snapper cocktail.

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1 x Distillers Original Tonic 200ml

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1 x Distillers Dry Tonic 200ml

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2 x Gin Festival Copa Glasses

What's gin and tonic without a glass? These stylish and practical copa glasses featuring our iconic logo are ideal for any "gintonic." The large bowl captures the aromas of the gin while leaving plenty of room for ice and garnish. The stem keeps your hands away from your drink, keeping it colder for longer. Please note: The Brockmans Edition comes with 2 x Brockmans Copa Glasses, all other editions come with Gin Festival Copa Glasses.

Please note: Gin Festival in a Box is not packaged in a gift box. Further T&C's apply see here for details.

For Golden Ticket T&C's please see here.

Black Tomato Gin