Black Shuck

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Black Shuck

Distilled in

Norfolk, England

Garnish with

Orange Peel


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Black Shuck

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Inspired by the legendary hound that haunts the coastline of Norfolk, Black Shuck is a smooth, strong gin with a powerful sea buckthorn flavour.

Made by the Norfolk Sloe Company, a family run business that takes inspiration from the high-quality local ingredients found in the hedgerows on Norfolk. Black Shuck Gin combines traditional botanicals such as juniper, coriander and bitter orange peel with Norfolk’s own lavender and sea buckthorn.

The result is a strong and smooth gin with bitter orange peel and bright coriander playing forward. Using local lavender and sea buckthorn, gentle floral tones are discernible amidst the juniper. A wonderful, traditional gin! Sit back sup up and think of Norfolk.