Berkeley Square London Dry Gin

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Berkeley Square

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London, England


Kaffir Lime Leaf


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Berkeley Square London Dry Gin

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One for a discerning London Dry drinker, each bottle of Berkeley Square London Dry Gin contains over 250 years of gin expertise.

The producers of Berkeley Square, Quintessential Brands in association with G&J Distillers, have been producing fine spirits for over 250 years and are the oldest distillery in England. Berkeley Square make an exclusive, premium gin, distilled in in a traditional pot still and infused using a ‘bouquet garni’ distillation method, with a blend of hand-picked botanicals.

Sometimes referred to as ‘the single malt of gins’, this is an ultra smooth London Dry Gin. The lavender and kaffir lime leaves combine perfectly with the juniper, angelica, cubeb berries, basil and sage. A strong citrus aroma and a beautifully long and peppery finish.