Bath Gin

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Distilled in

Bath, England

Garnish with

A Lemon Juice-soaked Kaffir Lime Leaf


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Bath Gin

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Made with wormwood and kaffir lime leaves, Bath Gin is as exceptional and engaging as the spa town's most famous resident, Jane Austen.

Bath's first Gin Distillery for 250 years took inspiration from the spa town's glorious history, and, in particular, its literary heritage as embodied by Jane Austen. Not only does her likeness grace the label but her dry wit, ingenuity and cleverness were inspirations for the distillers. This is a small batch premium gin, with every single bottle numbered by hand. It’s a bold combination of no fewer than 10 different botanicals and, along with some of the old favourites, you’ll recognise some more unusual inclusions such as wormwood and kaffir lime leaves.

This is a light, subtle and fresh gin, packed full of juniper and citrus notes. Sweet on the palate, thanks to the liquorice, the wormwood adds an increased dryness to the finish. Particularly good in a martini.