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Crushed Frozen Raspberries and Lime Peel

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Burnley, England


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Batch Premium Gin

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With unusual botanicals of frankincense, myrrh and cloves, Batch Premium Gin is an ideal gin for Christmas.

Developed by Batch Brew’s, a family based team of dedicated perfectionists whose singular ambition is to create a range of premium spirits with beautiful flavours and a nuanced nature. Batch premium is produced and bottled by hand with no more than 25 litres made at any one time. This is a company bringing forth an honest illustration of distilling and producing fantastic gins.

The spicy fragrance of frankincense and myrrh are the first aromas to be picked up, so unusual, they almost beg for attention. With subtle notes of cardamom and cloves, Batch Premium, settles into a juniper backbone.