Adnams Sloe Gin

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Suffolk, England


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Adnams Sloe Gin

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Adnams Sloe Gin is perfectly tart and not as sweet as most sloe gins. A sloe gin for gin lovers rather than liqueur fans. 

Based in Southwold the Adnams family have a long and rich heritage and have been creating high quality alcoholic beverages since the late 19th century. Adnams is perhaps best known for its brewery and beer but it's gins and spirits are things of beauty too. Beyond their products, Adnams are a green and socially conscious company; they brew the only carbon neutral beer in the country, have a state of the art brewery and distillery and work in a sustainable manner.

While many sloe gins lean towards the sweet and marzipan, Adnams Sloe Gin is delightfully tart, but still bursts with warming, jam-like sloe flavours and bitter almond.