Ableforth's Bathtub Old Tom Gin

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Submitted on 2016-02-19

I have been gradually building a love and understanding for gin, but I would also add hastily, that I am no expert. Saying that - Bathtub Old Tom is my outright favourite due to the unusual taste and deliciousness. The taste - for me - is so distinctive - like a really mellow licorice and juniper one - that I prefer not to drink it with any garnish, just lots of ice and a good tonic. That way, I can enjoy the taste properly. Such is my enthusiasm for it, I also do blind tastings with my friends, to ensure that they also can pick it out in a crowd of other gins and enjoy it as much as I do. Try it and be won over :)

Ableforth's Bathtub Old Tom

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Based on an older style of gin, Ableforth's Bathtub Old Tom is a delicious historical throwback.

The fantastically innovative gins by Ableforth are produced in small batches though cold-compression, a kind of infusion, rather than distillation. It is this, combined with their exciting range of botanicals, that make their gins so memorable.

Bathtub Old Tom is a sweet and citrusy gin, based on an older, softer style of drink. A clean and fresh gin with plenty of juniper. A lighter style of gin than we’re used to with a fantastic touch of pepper and gentle liquorice.