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Ableforths Bath Tub Sloe Gin

Ableforth's Bathtub Gin Sloe Gin

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Ableforths Bath Tub Sloe Gin

Bottle Size 50cl
ABV% 33.8%
Brand Ableforth's
Distilled in East Sussex, England
Garnish Orange

Ableforth's Bathtub Gin Sloe Gin combines the creamy gin base of their original bathtub gin with delightfully rich sloe flavours.

The fantastically innovative gins by Ableforth are produced in small batches though cold-compression, a kind of infusion, rather than distillation. It is this, combined with their exciting range of botanicals, that make their gins so memorable.

This Bathtub Sloe Gin is something special. Strong notes of marzipan and almonds combined with rich, tart berries make this excellent neat or as a base for a cocktail. Mouth-wateringly good!


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Bathtub gin is by far one of my favourite gins, and this gin excels high above the rest.

I really believe this is the best sloe gin out there!

It contrasts heavily from all other sloe gins, which taste watery and sugary in comparison.

Half a tonne of juicy sloe berries are used in a bottle, which i believe is what makes the gin such a high quality.

This gin is thick, almost like a fine port, and to be enjoyed as such.

The botanicals from the orginal bathtub gin are all there, and give it a wonderfully dark and spicy finish.

I reccomend drinking this straight - over plenty of ice, with a large slice of orange.

The second it hits your lips, you are greeted with a warm, heavy complex mouthful.

A perfect nighttime drink, and an excellent spirit which deserves a place of its own on the liquor market.

Happy bath times

Tried this gin by accident at the London Gin festival 2016 whilst meaning to try the original Bathtub Gin and ended up going home with a bottle! A very tasty sweet concoction that can be enjoyed neat. This is one sloe gin that needs to be tried.

Amazingly gorgeous

This is one of my favourite Sloe Gin's. It is a rich thick wonderful tasting Gin. A must in the Gin cabinet.