Ableforth's Bathtub Gin Navy Strength

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Ableforth's Bathtub

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East Sussex, England

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Ableforth's Bathtub Gin Navy Strength

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A Navy Strength Gin with both amped up botanicals and an ABV at 57%, Bathtub gin - Navy Strength packs a punch.

The fantastically innovative gins by Ableforth are produced in small batches through cold-compression, a kind of infusion, rather than distillation. It is this, combined with their exciting range of botanicals, that make their gins so memorable.

Starting with a burst of clove and earthy coriander, Bathtub - Navy Strength Gin is a heated, spicy gin with a long, cardamom finish. The cardamom top notes are instantly followed by a juniper, citrus backbone. Thick and oily in the mouth, Bathtub Gin - Navy Strength is big and bold.