5th Gin Water

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Distilled in

Barcelona, Spain

Garnish with

Juniper and Green Cardamon


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5th Gin Water

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Floral yet dry, 5th Gin Water is an understated yet adventurous spirit.

Inspired by an ancient and romantic understanding of the atmosphere Destilleries del Marseme have created a range of high-quality spirits that truly reflect the innovation and versatility of contemporary Spanish gins whilst paying homage to over 100 years of distilling knowledge, skill and craft.

A bright and unmistakable turquoise blue, 5th Water Gin has been created using a variety of contemporary distillation techniques. There is a fine balance of floral rose and violet with gentle pepperiness. A thoroughly modern gin that still rests heavily on juniper; strong notes of pine and pepper are beautifully fused with coriander and light florals.