1911 Gin

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Beak & Skiff

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Lafayette, New York

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1911 Gin

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1911 Gin is a crisp, clean and smooth gin made from apples grown in Upstate New York.

Based on the same 100-year-old traditions of quality and innovation in apple farming that began when Beak & Skiff Apple orchard was founded, 1911 Spirits are made from apples grown in Upstate New York before being distilled on the same property, in small batches by expert craftsmen.

Taking apples as the heart of their spirits creates a unique level of smoothness and an apple crisp taste. Taking an apple base vodka and a range of traditional botanicals, 1911 Gin is crisp, clean and dry with a delicate smoothness.1911 Gin is made by vaporizing 1911 Vodka and running it through a botanical vessel filled with juniper, coriander and citrus as well as other, secret and specially selected botanicals.