18th century gin batch 1

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18th Century

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Llantrisant, Wales




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18th Century Gin Batch 1

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Having been distilled with natural springs in Llantrisant 18th century Gin batch 1 has notes of chocolate, star anise and liquorice.

Eccentric Gins are based in the cellars of an 18th-century building which has stood in Llantrisant for over 200 years. The gin is distilled with a natural spring that runs within the stone walls of the wash room. Their gins are distilled by brewers, mixologists and even a freeman of Llantrisant. Llantrisant’s ancient tradition of the freemen has survived through the mists of time. More than 660 years since the first were enrolled, it remains as significant today as it did in medieval times.

This genever-style gin is packed with flavour. Gentle chocolate malt notes underlie a sweet spice mix of star anise and liquorice with a dry juniper finish.