Top 3 Floral Gins for Spring

Spring has Sprung! It might still be pretty bloomin’ cold but warmer days are officially on their way. Celebrate with our top 3 floral gins for spring, we are!

Light, floral and gorgeously aromatic these are 3 very special gins, all relatively new and absolute must try’s. Try with the classic garnish or mix it up with an alternative edible garnish. Sweet violet or pansies and rose petals are a very quick and easy way of decorating your G&T and can be used in any floral or London Dry gin, mint is also an excellent addition or thyme, basil and coriander are tasty in citrusy gins.

Orkney Johnsmas Gin ABV 41.3%

Classic Garnish: Red apple

Spring Floral Garnish: Rose petals (all roses are edible) - you could even make sugared petals to really impress your gin buddies! See recipe below.

Pairs best with Floral or Premium Tonic Water

Explore the magical Scottish Isles through Orkney Johnsmas Gin. Local and classic botanicals are beautifully combined in this seriously tasty gin. Johnsmas is the Orcadian midsummer, a time of year steeped in tradition. This gin reflects long, clear days when the flowers are in bloom. Opening with a fragrant burst of roses, local heather and mint. Subtle juniper blends with pepper and floral notes on the palate, finishing with the gorgeous flavour of Turkish Delight.


If you love going all out give this a go, it only takes 5-10 mins and they last for up to 12 months, so you can impress people all year round!


1 Egg white

50g Granulated sugar

Rose petals (rinse and pat dry with kitchen roll)

Whip the egg white until frothy. Take 1 petal, dip into the egg white and then the sugar (both sides). Pop on greaseproof baking paper to dry and repeat. Let the petals air dry for at least 3-4 hours - that’s it! Now you’re ready to make a gorgeous looking G&T. Put any leftover petals into a tupperware container for up to 12 months.

Kuro London Dry Gin ABV 43%

Classic Garnish: Mint and Ginger

Spring Floral Garnish: Violet

Pairs best with Premium Tonic Water

This beautifully aromatic gin was inspired by the Japanese Alps and you can really taste the earthy, mountain fresh botanicals. Gorgeously clean and savoury Kuro is full of ingredients inspired by a skiing trip to the Hakuba Valley region in Japan, noticeably silver birch bark, spruce needles and bamboo activated charcoal. It’s the charcoal that gives Kuro its name - literally translating as ‘black’ in Japanese! The charcoal and silver birch are perfectly balanced against a classic, complex, London Dry base, creating a silky smooth finish and a beautifully crisp and refreshing G&T.

Uncle Val's Botanical Gin ABV 45%

Classic Garnish: Orange

Spring Floral Garnish: Sugared Rose Petals

Pairs best with Floral or Cucumber Tonic Water

This is a tasty small-batch gin, inspired by namesake Uncle Val's love of gardening and glorious, native tuscan food. The botanicals used are not just Uncle Val’s favorite cooking ingredients, they also make an exceptionally unique, smooth and delicious gin! Opening with crisp aromas of sage and juniper on the nose. The juniper develops on the palate, joined by a bright lemon taste, which gives way to a warm, spicy, lavender finish, softened by the coolness of cucumber. A truly special full-flavoured, light and aromatic gin.

Go on, treat yourself to a little spring beauty. Or say it with flowers in a very different way and whip up a pretty, floral G&T, for your best gin buddy!

Top 3 Floral Gins for Spring



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