The Ultimate Guide To Gin

This is IT, the one you’ve all been crying out for. Whether you’ve bought a delicious craft gin (or 2), or your best gin buddy has given you 1 as a present, the question now is what do you do with it?!

The perfect G&T is served in a glass full of ice, a healthy slug of gin, complementary garnish and premium tonic water. But how do you know which garnish and mixer to use?! Just follow our Ultimate Guide for all the tips, tricks and know how you’ll ever need.

Before you start thinking about what you pair the gin with, you need to have some idea of what type of gin you have! There are 6 main categories, Contemporary, Traditional, Fruity, Floral, Savoury and Spicy. All of these delicious varieties have their advantages and differences.

CONTEMPORARY GINS like Tinker and Brockmans are softer, full of citrus and berries, moving away from the traditional juniper flavours. Beautifully light and seriously tasty these are fantastic for both beg-gin-ners and masters of gin!

The phrase ‘TRADITIONAL GINS’ covers a quite a range...
Cold Compression - Gins that are infused, rather than distilled, a good example is Ableforth’s Bathtub Gin.

London Gin or London Dry Gin - This is what most of you will recognise as the traditional gin flavour, juniper forward, dry, with a hint of citrus. Purple Ram London Dry Gin is a modern version of this classic style.
*Useless Quiz Info* This can actually be made anywhere in the world as long as it is at least 37.5% ABV, doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients, has no flavours or colourings added after the distillation process and a tiny amount of sugar if required!

Navy Strength - Back in 't day, navy officers would test their gin ration to see if it was full strength by pouring a drop on gunpowder - if it still lit then the gin was at least 57% ABV. No fooling our sailors! So if a gin has a high ABV it’s now known as Navy Strength, Tarquin’s Sea Dog is a tasty version of this classic.

Old Tom - Once upon a time Old Tom was a sweeter version of London Gin, mainly used in cocktails. The sugar was added to disguise the taste of the unregulated (rough!) gin. A modern, delicious version is City of London Distillery Old Tom Gin.

FRUITY options can be both gin and gin liqueurs, sweeter than a contemporary or traditional style these are, astonishingly enough, packed full of gorgeous fruity flavours! We recommend you try Sovereign Spirits Elderflower & Gooseberry Liqueur, inspired by British wild flowers, the sweet elderflower is balanced beautifully by the tart gooseberry. Whitley Neill Rhubarb and Ginger Gin is also deliciously warming. ​

FLORAL GINS are light and clean, there may be a touch of lavender or roses but never an overwhelming amount. We recommend Orkney Johnsmas Gin for a finish reminiscent or Turkish Delight and Silent Pool for subtle lavender, chamomile and honey.

SAVOURY GINS are full of herbs or vegetables for a beautifully different flavour. Give Piùcinque a try for a subtle taste of sage, blended with citrus and ginger, or sample Fishers Gin and enjoy coriander, citrus and a hint of seaweed.

The SPICY options do exactly what it says on the tin! Enjoy a fabulous kick of spices including cardamom, cinnamon, and of course, chilli. Aduro Devils Tail Gin and ​Opihr​ are both stand out examples of spicy gins.

Now you know what you’re drinking, use our handy Gin Flavour Wheel to match up which garnish and tonic you need! Get the mixers in, if you don’t have any, use our fab Tasty Tonic and Mouthwatering Mixers Top Up range.

Get the garnish right and you’ll seriously have the best G&T you’ve ever tasted. We get it though - who has the time to find out which garnish they need? Take a peek at our easy Guide to Gin Garnish and never look back.

The perfect glass has plenty of room for that all important garnish and ice, it has a large bowl to let you breathe in the botanical aromas (you taste what you smell!). Then you need a long stem to keep your hands away from your drink, so it stays colder for longer. Our stylish and practical copa glasses featuring our iconic logo are ideal for any 'gintonic' (obviously!).

So there you have it, go forth and make the perfect G&T! If you are in need of supplies, as always, we have fabulous deals so you can stock up. We’ve got all the gin styles, whether you like it fresh and London Dry, a bit fruity or a spicy number, we’ve got you covered! Get your hands on a bargain with the 3 for 2 offer, or for the complete package, take a look at our Gin Festival in a Box range with gin, tonics and glasses.

The Ultimate Guide To Gin



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