The 'Skully Exceptional' Gin Collection

This month we champion Skully Gin Oriental Citrus as our Gin Of The Month! Full of oriental and exotic flavours, it’s one of the freshest yet.

Distilling their tasty gins in the heart of the Netherlands Skully gin uses 100% grain spirit to produce their fabulous small batch gin collection. The running theme throughout these 4 craft gins is the unusual and interesting botanicals used to create something rather special indeed. 

The gin in question and the gin you are all here to read about ‘Skully Gin Oriental Citrus’ takes the classic London Dry Gin as a base and is redistilled with exotic citrus fruits. One of the many fruits used goes by the name of ‘buddha's hand’, a very unusual looking ‘finger like’ fruit belonging to the citrus variety. Along with this intriguing fruit, lemongrass, sweet orange, lemon, lime, yuzu fruit, liquorice and vanilla come together to create a balanced, refreshing and exceptionally smooth gin.

To enjoy it at it's very best pour a measure of Skully Gin Oriental Citrus into a gin glass with a big bowl to release the exotic aromas, then top with a splash of Mediterranean tonic and a slice of pink grapefruit, mmmm.

So what about the sister gins? Skully London Dry gin is the base of all Skully creations, filled with warming, herbal notes coming from the distillation of liquorice, cardamom and orris root. These flavours are supported with spiced citrus such as sweet orange and candied lemon that builds into a long and quite complex finish. 

Moving onto one of the most intriguing gins we have ever had the privilege of experimenting with, Skully Gin Wasabi kicks a real punch. Fiery ginger and wasabi are tempered by big flavours of fresh mint and lime that develop into a strong and lingering finish, leaving an incredible warmth on the palate.

Finally Skully Gin Tangerine Twist comes into play. Named after the Moroccan port of Tangier from where the fruit used was originally exported, Tangerine Twist boasts a combination of sweet and bitter botanicals and fruits creating a beautifully balanced tangerine flavour that carries through this gin. Distilled with 12 ingredients including tangerine, sweet and blood orange, lemon and lime for a powerful burst of citrus.

You can try the whole collection at any of our Gin Festivals, find one in a city near you! You can see our festival list here. Why not treat yourself this month to the amazing Skully Gin Oriental Citrus and get 6 tasty tonics and 2 Gin Festival glasses for free! Simply click here.

Skully Gin of the month



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