The New DIY Bundles For Dads Who Love Gin

The New DIY Bundles For Dads Who Love Gin
Being a dad is difficult work, because kids like to test their patience at every given opportunity. 
It’s not children’s fault, it’s all just part and parcel of the character-building duty that is being a dad.
On the days when nerves are frayed through the antics of particularly tricky toddlers or teens, there’s nothing quite as welcome as a cool gin and tonic. 

And if it’s been a successful week (when no school detentions or groundings have been needed) then dad has every right to toast his excellent parenting skills.  
Whether you’re a hard-working dad yourself, or you just want to treat one, we’ve got the perfect new gift for you. 
The DIY (or ‘Drink It Yourself’) Dad Bundle is an emergency / celebratory collection of gins, tonics and special gifts for the gin-loving man of the house. 
Tailor the bundle to the dad by choosing between a book bundle, mini bundle or Old Simon bundle, depending on your budget and personal taste.
Here’s your guide to the different bundles:
DIY Dad Bundle

If you’re a dad who loves gin, or you owe a favour to one who does, the DIY Dad Bundle will see you right. 

With four fabulous miniature gins and two special gifts, it’s a complete package for gin fans. 
The miniature bottle of Bullards introduces this new London Dry gin with its marzipan and cherry scent and smooth flavour. 
D1 Gin is a modern take on the spirit, with the unique addition of nettles as a botanical, combined with orange blossom and lemon zest. 
Manchester Gin uses dandelion and burdock to lead on its flavour, with softer notes of orange and lemon in the background. Try the miniature bottle in this bundle and find out why Manchester is a new gin capital.
With a miniature bottle of Sanction Gin in the bundle, you get to taste a spirit that’s sweet and bitter at the same time, with hints of cardamom and herbs coming through. 
While you’re trying all these gins, read the Discover Gin book we’re also including, giving you a complete guide to the history gin and our love affair with it.
To top off the DIY Dad Bundle, a DIY dad coaster will display a love a gin for all to see, as well as saving table tops from sticky rings.

Mini Bundle

For gin-loving dads (or gin-loving-dad-lovers) who like to travel, the Mini Gin Bundle is a perfectly portable surprise. 
With two miniature gins for his delectation, the mini bundle is a taster to introduce dad to his favourite new gin, so you know exactly what to get him a huge bottle of for Christmas. 
The Steam Punk Gin miniature is a floral and citrusy gin with lavender botanicals, and the perfect introduction to a beautiful new spirit. 
Jensen’s Old Tom is an intense gin with spicy notes and residual sweetness. With this miniature, dad can sample the contrast without commitment to a whole bottle. 
Mix these miniatures with an equally tasty tonics. A mini bottle of Distillers Dry Tonic is a clean, crisp and dry mixer which is lower on carbonation and sugar, going well with any of the gins in this bundle. 
A DIY Dad coaster is the icing on the tiny cake of this Mini Bundle.

Old Simon Bundle

The Old Simon Bundle includes two bottles of Distillers Original Tonic and a bottle of Rutte Old Simon Genever to pair with it.
This warming genever (the ancestor of gin) has notes of hazelnuts, walnuts and herbs mixed with the juniper flavour. It’s distilled in the Netherlands and hasn’t changed since it was first produced there in 1872. 
Old Simon is perfect on the rocks, served with just ice and a slice of apple. It also goes extremely well with rosemary and juniper Distillers Tonic.

Death’s Door Bundle
This powerful pairing of a bottle of Death’s Door gin and a hip flask is so popular it’s sold out already, but you can order one of our other bundles while they last.

The New DIY Bundles For Dads Who Love Gin



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