The Gin Festival Christmas Gift Guide

It’s that wonderfully terrifying time of year when you have a long list of presents and no idea where to start. Fear not! We're here to help with our definitive Christmas Gift Guide.

Step away from the socks or ties and take a look at these unique, classic or unusual Christmas Gift Ideas. 2017 is your gin buddies lucky year, with the best presents your relatives and loved ones have ever had.

Christmas Gift Guide

Gin Festival Glass - Don't let your poor old friends drink their beloved G&T out of that high ball in the kitchen cupboard.

Gin Festival In A Box Emergency Gin and Tonic Kit - All the tools your gin buddies need for a perfect G&T, a gin craft mini, tonic and gorgeous glass.

Christmas cards - This one will make the mantelpiece!

Colouring Book - Colour Me Gin - For gin friends with a creative side, with pics of perfect serves, cocktails and general ginformation. 

Te tonic infusions nanopack - These botanical teabags are a fabulous Spanish creation that infuse gorgeous new flavours into your G&T.

Gin Mug - Be a Gin Whore, enjoy Navy Strength gin or accept that Life's too short for Single Gins, pick your favourite or get them all!

Christmas Gift Guide £10-20

Gin Festival Tickets - Give your best gin buddies the gift of Gin Festival! Tickets for 2018 are available from 22nd November.

Gin and Tonic Bathing Gift Set - What’s better than a hot, soapy bath? How about a bath that smells like gin!

GIN LIQUEURS - Here's a few of our favorites:
Edinburgh Elderflower, Boe Bramble, Boe Peach & Hibiscus and Sovereign Liqueurs.

Life’s too Short T-Shirt - For your gin buddies who know that life is too short for single gins.

Gin Festival In A Box City Explorer - With 4 gin minis, 4 tonics and Te Tonic garnish, this is the perfect G&T kit for gin lovers. OUT OF STOCK - grab a Gin Festival In A Box Explorer Excursion before they all go!

Christmas Gift Guide £20-30

Gin Festival In A Box Explorer Excursion - The perfect opportunity to go on a journey of discovery and with over £30 of gin goodies for only £24, it's a fab gift for your gin buddies.

Zymurgorium Quince & Jamaican Ginger Gin Liqueur - A gorgeously balanced blend of sweet quince (think apples and roses) and deliciously spicy ginger.

Addingham Sloe - From a little garden distillery in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales to your gin lovers on Christmas day.

PJ Gin Apple, Elderflower, Raspberry and Dry are beautifully clean, straightforward and wonderfully crafted gins. Pick your favorite flavour or try them all…


Christmas Gift Guide £30-40

Premium Harrogate Gin - This exceptionally smooth gin has been created by using only the finest premium ingredients.

Aduro Devil's Tail and Pink Passion - Devil’s Tail is ideal for your friends who like it spicy and Pink Passion is perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Gin Festival In A Box Cosy Nights In - The perfect gin kit for a #ginnightin! 1 bottle of gin, 6 mixers and 2 Gin Festival glasses.

Christmas Gift Guide £40+

Gin Festival In A Box Get Together - A great excuse for you to pop round and ‘share’ the gin. I mean it’s called a get together right?! 3 bottles of gin, 12 mixers and 2 Gin Festival glasses.

Fishers Gin - Who wouldn’t want this beautiful bottle sitting on the beloved #ginshelfie? Plus, most importantly, it tastes as good as it looks.

Gin Festival In A Box Party - This will cover all your gin party needs with gin (of course), tonic, mixers for your cocktails and Gin Festival glasses. Maybe it's your gin buddies turn to host? Send a little hint in the form of the Party edition. 4 bottles of gin, 25 mixers and 4 Gin Festival glasses.

There you have it, our fantastic and definitive guide to all gin related gifts this year! Plus, we're here to help with all your gin needs this Christmas. Having a get together? Take a look at our 15 Top Tips for Throwing the Perfect Gin Party and Top Cocktails for Your #ginnightin blogs.

The Gin Festival Christmas Gift Guide



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