Raise a Glass to Yorkshire Day

If you’re wondering how Gin Festival – proudly based in Yorkshire – celebrates the annual international phenomenon of Yorkshire Day, you won’t be at all surprised.

To properly respect our Northern heritage, every August 1st we raise a glass of the finest gin this county has ever produced, and we tell the rest of the world what makes each and every Tyke gin so very special.

Not only do we produce great gin, but we also drink more of the good stuff than anywhere outside London, making it the most appropriate spirit to toast God’s Own County.

This Yorkshire Day, join us for a taste or several of these Northern beauties.


Harrogate Tipple

Makers of Premium Harrogate Gin, Harrogate Tipple belongs to Steve and Sally, a married couple who moved to the splendid town after having a wonderful time glamping nearby.

They found an old smokehouse that was a potential fixer upper, and fix it up they did. Now called the Smokehouse Distillery, it’s the base for all their Harrogate Tippling, including gin and rum.

It’ll soon be relocating to the even more beautiful Ripley Castle in Harrogate, where they’ll run a Gin School for those of us who want to learn about distilling in stunning surroundings.


Purple Ram

A London Dry Gin created on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, Purple Ram is made with the local mineral water and Yorkshire botanicals.

It’s bottled in the Dales and is as affordable as a Yorkshireman (or woman) could wish it to be.



The makers of Masons Yorkshire Gin have their own juniper bushes and they add the berries to a secret mix of botanicals both local and exotic.

The result is a gin that’s deeply refreshing, and comes with its own individually hand written label, so you know it’s unique to you.


Addingham Cranberry and Orange

As pinky orange as a sunset over the Dales, Addingham Cranberry and Orange Gin is sweet and bitter all at once,

This London Dry Gin is packed with locally-sourced ingredients which are all natural. Perfect for Christmas, or Yorkshire Day of course.



One of Yorkshire’s finest gins – if we do say so ourselves - Tinker is produced by our team here at Gin Festival.

A light and fruity gin, it has a mix of surprising botanicals including liquorice and elderberries, contributing to a full and floral flavour.



Made from the natural crystal clear waters of the Tewit Well in Harrogate – traditionally bathed in to restore one’s health - Slingsby Gin had a better idea about what to do with this resource.

The canny distillers mixed the waters with locally sourced botanicals, and a restorative gin was born.


Leeds gin

Made from Leeds’ finest botanical ingredients, Leeds gin is distilled in one of the North’s most famous cities.

It’s a homemade gin, which comes to life in a copper alembic still which holds a tiny 35 litres at once, making your gin individual and priceless.


Raisthorpe manor

Previously purveyors of homemade raspberry gin, Raisthorpe Manor have gone on to make all kinds of liquors from their base in the Yorkshire Wolds.

Award-winning and unique, their gins are made with local ingredients and are perfect for cocktails.



Another gin from Harrogate, Whittaker’s Gin is made by the family business at Harrogate Distillery.

Homemade at Harewell House, it’s all locally-sourced and distilled in a former agricultural building which has been repurposed for this particular crop.


Sir Robin of Locksley

Named after the heroic Robin Hood, this gin is heroically produced in Sheffield by the Locksley Distilling Company.

A blend of elderflower, dandelion and pink grapefruit, it’s both sweet and smooth.


Raise a Glass to Yorkshire Day



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