Mother's Ruin for Mother's Day

After all the hard work she put in raising you, we know what your Mum is really after. Skip the flowers and chocolates and get her the great gin and tonic she deserves.

Our Mother's Day Gift Guide will suggest the best gin to replace typical Mother's Day gifts. Or go with them, because everything's better with gin.

Instead of flowers try..

Geranium Gin

Flowers for Mother’s Day might be traditional, but let’s face it, they’re only going to last a week and get chucked in the bin. Instead, why not try a gin infused with the beautiful floral aromas of a bouquet. That should last more than a week...depending on the Mum in question.

Geranium Gin is an exquisite London Dry Gin made, unsurprisingly, with geranium as a key botanical. Fans of Hendricks or Bombay Sapphire will find Geranium a similar, but better, experience with a clean fresh palate and floral notes that create considerable complexity. A light and fragrant gin with a surprisingly long finish.

Zymurgorium Sweet Violet Gin

For a stronger floral flavour give a couple of Zymurgorium's ginfusions a try. Zumurgorium Sweet Violet Gin tastes just like that nostalgic favourite, parma violet sweets. Unlike most gin liqueurs it isn't too sweet and syrupy, but light and refreshing with a subtle but important juniper presence. Absolutely delicious neat or with a little lemonade.

Zymurgorium English Hedge Rose Gin

Zymurgorium English Hedge Rose is like drinking Turkish Delight in a glass. Intensely floral, the gin and juniper notes stop the drink from being too cloying and help produce a sweet and aromatic gin that's possibly too easy to drink.

Instead of chocolate try...

Ely Dark Chocolate Gin

Ely Dark Chocolate Gin provides a balanced hit of gin and chocolate - neither vying for supremacy, nor overwhelming one another, instead working together to create a warming and very enjoyable whole. Try it topped up with orange juice for something similar to a drinkable Terry's Chocolate Orange.

We also offer a Chocolate Orange Gin which is exclusive to GinFestival. This is best drunk neat or possibly with a splash of soda. It's also nice served warm.

Instead of perfume try...

Pink Pepper Gin

Pink Pepper is actually made using the same distillation process as perfume, and is similarly brimming with complex and delicious aromas. This gin undergoes an interesting transformation on the palate. Starting with strong peppery flavours and mellowing into an almost cream soda sweetness.

Instead of gardening equipment try...

Bloom Premium London Dry Gin

Bloom London Dry Gin [recreates an English garden in a glass. Created by Joanne Moore (one of only a few female head distillers), Bloom is light and fresh, with a gentle taste of juniper. The floral range is carefully offset by a delicate spiciness and a touch of citrus.

Instead of baking equipment try...

Pickering's Gin

Pickering’s Gin is redolent with the baking spices of nutmeg and cinnamon. A gin with a rich and nutty mouthfeel enlivened by hints of liquorice and pine.

Instead of afternoon tea try...

Masons Yorkshire Tea Gin

Voted our favourite new gin of 2015, Mason's Yorkshire Tea is unmistakeably a tea infused gin, with a powerful hit of bitter tannins and tea aromas, but it all works together with the juniper to create a truly wonderful gin. Skip afternoon tea for a change and have a few glasses of this instead!

And don't forget the card!

Happy Mother's Ruin Day

This Mother's Ruin card will send your Mum the perfect message this year; that you understand just how much raising you has driven her to drink!

This card is also available for free delivery until the 06/03/2016. Just use the following code at checkout:


Mother's Ruin for Mother's Day



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