Make your own candy cane gin

This candy cane gin infusion recipe might sound odd but it tastes delicious and makes a great homemade christmas present for gin fans.

Juniper and peppermint work together really well, both being naturally pepper flavours. Plus, the bright pink drink makes a stunning gift that's really fun to make.

How to make Candy Cane Gin

Step 1. Prepare your ingredients.

You will need.

A box of candy canes.

A kilner jar or other sealed glass container.

700ml of gin. We recommend using a Navy Strength Gin such as Edinburgh Gin Cannonball or Perry’s Tot. The high strength preserves more of the juniper flavour against the strong peppermint flavour of the candy canes.

Wash your kilner jar then sterilise it in the oven at 140C/120C Fan/Gas 1 for an hour or through the hot wash cycle in a dishwasher.

Step 2. Make magic fairy dust!

fairy dust This part is amazing.

Break the candy canes up and add them to a food processor. Then blend them until they become a fine, minty, sugary pink powder!

This powder is great for other recipes too. You can add it to coffee or hot chocolate for a minty twist, bake it into biscuits, sprinkle it on ice-cream. Everything is better with pink elf dust.

Step 3. Add your gin.

candy cane gin mixture

Add the powder to your glass jar and then pour over the gin. Seal the jar and give it a shake to mix. Wait overnight and the gin should have turned a beautiful pink colour.

Strain the gin through a coffee filter to get rid of any candy cane pieces that haven’t dissolved and it’s ready to drink.

Step 4. Serve.

Alexander's sister

Because it’s sweeter than normal gin this is ideal enjoyed neat over ice. You could also add it to coffee or hot chocolate to give them more festive spirit. For cocktail drinkers though this ginfusion really shines in a variation on the Alexander's Sister.

Shake the following over ice and serve in a tumbler.

2 measures candy cane gin.

1 1/2 measure Braeckman Vanilla Jenever.

A dash of sugar.

Garnish with nutmeg and a whole candy cane.

We cannot recommend trying this at home more. Not only does it make a delicious drink but you have no idea how fun it is to blend candy canes.

Make your own candy cane gin



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