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Introducing The Vintage Gin Collection

Announcing, the Vintage Gin Collection, our new partnership with The Old Spirits Company; bringing you classic gins for gin collectors.

One for serious gin geeks, every bottle in The Vintage Gin Collection is a true collectible. These are authentic, unique gin bottles from the 1930’s to the 1980’s, “lightly loved” but still sealed and ready to drink.

Many of the gins in the collection are rare foreign varieties, out of production gin brands or examples of an iconic but retired design. These bottles are truly one-of-a-kind and not available anywhere else.

The Vintage Gin Collection is a partnership with The Old Spirits Company, the passionate project of Edgar Harden. Edgar got into the old spirits business when he was a furniture specialist for Christie’s. While clearing out a wine cellar for an estate sale he came across some vintage wines and spirits. The owners told him to sell the Mouton but toss the case of 1960s Gordon’s gin. Edgar took it home instead, tried it and find it to be impressively different to a modern bottle of Gordon’s. “It was so smooth, deep, and really interesting,” he says.

Edgar’s methods for sourcing the spirits are a secret but he’s pulled off some impressive finds, including a series of mid-nineteenth century absinthes and the purchase of 176 bottles from the set of Mad Men (ideal if you fancy trying Don Draper’s personal stash).

Part of the appeal for collectors is seeing how the flavour and character of a gin has changed over time. You might be intimately familiar with modern day Gordon’s, but as recipes and production methods have developed, how does a 1970’s bottle stack up against one from today? The only way to find out is to open up the bottle and give it a try.

And while gin might keep forever, there is every chance that an aged bottle of gin will take on different nuances. “Because all the botanicals in gin are plant based, the drink will gradually change composition as they break down, age and recombine at different rates,” says Edgar. Distilled spirits don’t necessarily improve with age like a fine wine but they undoubtedly change in interesting and intriguing ways.

The Vintage Gin Collection is available from our online gin shop. The range is ever changing, as many of the bottles listed are one of a kind examples. Some of the more interesting gins we have available right now include:


2 Bottles of Gordon’s from the 1970’s and 1980’s featuring a label that’s long gone but which undoubtedly was seen in your, or your parent’s, liquor cabinet at one point.


This well travelled bottle of Coldstream Gin. A London Dry Gin, made in Scotland, exported to Italy and then found again in an English collection. You might never have heard of Coldstream but, surprisingly, the brand still exists and is mostly drunk in Russia and Asia.


This rather surprising Plym-Gin. This is in fact the very well known (and well loved) Plymouth Gin. Made at the Blackfriar’s Distillery by Coates & Co (now made by Pernod Ricard) this is the same Plymouth Gin that has been made in that famous building since 1793. But while Plymouth Gin went to the trouble of obtaining a PGI (meaning that Plymouth-style Gin can only be made in Plymouth) for many years, in much of the world, this wassn’t even known as Plymouth Gin, but Plym-Gin instead.

As well as our online shop, the Vintage Gin collection will be appearing at select Gin Festival events to let you see these amazing examples of gin history for yourself. Make sure you follow us on our Facebook page to find out where you can get a chance to meet Edgar and see these spirits up close. And while you’re at it, why not give The Old Spirits Company a follow on Facebook too.

Introducing The Vintage Gin Collection



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