Interview with Tom Williams from Barcelona Spirits

In this interview with Tom Williams from Barcelona Spirits we discussed their innovative range of 4 New Western-style gins, 5th Gin.

5th Gin comes in 4 varieties, each highlighting a different classical gin flavour and each inspired by one of the 4 ancient elements. Air, is their London Dry, showcasing a tradtional juniper flavour while Earth is bright and citrus heavy, Water is light and floral and Fire is bursting with red berry flavours.

We had the great luck to get to talk to Tom Williams from Barcelona Spirits about these exciting gins.

Hi Tom, can you tell our readers who you are and what your role is at Barcelona Spirit Brands?

I am the Director of the UK operation and responsible for our sales and marketing. 

What’s the story behind Barcelona spirits brands?

Barcelona Spirit Brands was established in Spain by a packaging company. With their glass and packaging expertise the next logical step was to link with a distillery who could produce premium liquids to go in the bottles. This is where the Maresme Distillery became involved.

5th Gin Full Range
Tell me about the 5th Gin range? 

The 5th Gin range was launched to appeal to new gin consumers, offering them a new concept and taste from what was available in the market. Initially, the brand came up with the 3 distilled varieties ( Water, Earth and Fire ) creating a revolution from the typically dry and crystalline gins and offering color and flavor to the premium gin category.

The Black Air, which is the London dry base for the other 3 in the family, came later due to the demand from the market for a more classic gin in the range.

Why is it called 5th when there are only 4 varieties?

The 5th Element is the consumer. Looking for the quintessence…… and linking the concept with the 4 elements.

Also, and this has bugged us for a while, why is it black air and not just air?

The black packaging stands out on the shelf, separating it from the many traditional looking London Dry gins.

What has the reaction to these gins being like so far?

Fantastic, within a very crowded category we have exceeded expectations with lots of fans loving the taste. The full range provides a taste that can suit every gin drinker, so there is a 5th Gin for each of them.

Having said that, of the 4 in the range, the Fire stands out from the others. It very much appeals to the new G&T customer looking for a new experience that a modern gin can provide.

5th Fire is my favourite too. I love the dry sweetness compared to many of the fruit gins. 

What can we look forward to from Barcelona Spirit Brands in the future?

Canyero Honey Rum was our second product to launch in the UK. A Traditional Spanish Honey Rum with slightly citrus notes. Extremely well priced and widely available we are expecting big things from this brand.

We are also launching Stanley's Sloe Gin. Again, a fantastic spirit combined with modern packaging.

Aside from 5th gin, what are some of your favourite gins?

I like Blue Bottle Gin from Guernsey, its made from handpicked gorse flower and tastes great.

How do you prefer to drink your gin?

I like to experiment with different flavours. 5th Fire and Cava is amazing.

Gin does not have to be with tonic and I love our 5th Earth with bitter lemon.

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Interview with Tom Williams from Barcelona Spirits



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