Gin & Pancakes

Any celebration can be improved with gin, so, for pancake day, we’ve whipped up some gin & pancake combinations that are flipping delicious.

Singapore Sling Jam

Singapore Sling Jam and PancakesCreated at the infamous Raffles Hotel in Singapore in 1915, few gin cocktails are as stylish and exotic as the Singapore Sling. Made with gin, cherry brandy and fresh fruit juice (orange, pineapple and lime) it’s a sweet and sour combination that’s easy drinking.

Decadent Preserves have evoked the flavour of a Singapore Sling in their sweet and silky cherry jam. Made with Masons Yorkshire Gin it’s delicious spread straight over your pancakes with a little dollop of cream.

Pick up a jar for £4.00

Pancake Susannah (Crêpes Suzette)

crepes suzette made with ely gin orangeA classic French dish, crêpes suzette features super thin pancakes in a rich syrup made from butter, sugar and, that most French of liqueurs, Grand Marnier, mixed and then flambéd spectacularly at the table.

For our version, we’ve switched French drinks and French names for English gin, specifically, Ely Gin Orange. At 30%, this is very high strength for a liqueur, which makes it ideal for the flambé. The dry gin base marries delightfully with bright, juicy orange.


  • 140g plain flour

  • 200ml whole milk

  • 2 eggs

  • 75g unsalted butter, plus a little extra for greasing

  • 3 tbsp caster sugar

  • 250ml freshly squeezed orange juice (2-3 oranges)

  • 1 orange, zest of

  • 2 tbsp Ely Gin Orange


  1. Sift the flour into a bowl. Make a well in the middle. Mix the milk with 100ml of water. Break the eggs into the well. Start whisking the mixture slowly, gradually adding the milk and water. Make sure to scrape any flour from the sides of the bowl as you whisk.

  2. Whisk until all the flour has been used and the batter is smooth, without any lumps.

  3. Melt 25g of butter and then whisk the melted butter into the batter.

  4. Heat the pan over a medium heat. Grease the pan with melted butter. Using a ladle, pour roughly 2 tbsp of batter into the pan and swirl it around so the bottom of the pan is evenly coated

  5. Cook the pancake for about 45 secs on one side then flip the pancake over and cook the other side for about 30 secs. Both sides should be golden brown when finished cooking. If necessary, flip the pancake again.

  6. As you finish cooking each pancake, stack them up on a plate. To make it easier to separate them, place baking paper between the pancakes.

  7. Add the orange juice, zest, butter and sugar to a pan. Stir once, then leave on a medium heat for 10 - 15 minutes until the sauce becomes thick and syrupy.

  8. Fold the finished pancakes into quarters and arrange in any flameproof pan. Pour the syrup over them and leave them on a low heat for 3 minutes.

  9. The final flourish! Pour the Ely Gin over the pancakes and then set fire to the liqueur. Once the fire has burned out, serve the pancakes with plenty of syrup.

Ely Gin Orange is available in our gin shop for £22.50

Joe & Seph’s Gin & Tonic Caramel Sauce

Joe & Seph's Gin & Tonic Caramel Sauce with PancakesYou might be familiar with Joe & Seph’s gourmet popcorn. Well, the caramel sauces they coat their tasty kernels in are also available to buy on their own, including, crucially, their G&T caramel sauce made with real gin!

Sweet, smooth and delightfully complex with just a hint of juniper livening it up, this amazing sauce is so good you’ll want to eat it straight from the jar. It’s a revelation drizzled on pancakes and, if you want to be more creative, you could team it with sliced apples, bananas or even very crispy bacon!

Pick up a  jar for £5.50

Pinkster Boozy Berries

Pinkster Boozy Berries & PancakesPinkster make their sharp, refreshing gin by infusing raspberries, and once they’re done, the raspberries get preserved in gin syrup and made into Boozy Berries. These are literally raspberries that have been soaked in gin, yum!

Tart little berries that are positively bursting with sweet gin flavour, you can top any pancake with these for an instant adult treat. To take it to the next level, try them with a little whipped cream, or, if you're very deacdent, some melted dark chocolate.

Boozy Berries are available from our gin shop for £6.00

Gin & Pancakes



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