Gin For Dinner?

Now, we love a good gin and tonic as much as the next person, the same goes for gin cocktails and errr, well, gin! So we started thinking (yeah, we know, it’s a dangerous habit), what else can you use gin in? Not just towers of cupcakes, liberally soaked in the stuff or using sloe gin as a glaze but proper dishes with gin as an actual ingredient rather than an afterthought or a gimmick.

We’ve trawled high and low and brought together a collection of the best gin recipes out there.

Red Snapper Soup

This might be seen as cheating by some but who doesn’t love a Red Snapper (that’s a gin Bloody Mary, by the way)! Imagine the clear juniper cutting through a piping hot tomato soup, bringing forward a touch of citrus.. Sounds ideal to us- perfect for chilly, autumnal afternoons. Just this once, we’d strongly advise ignoring Delia and adding a shot of a traditional tasting gin per portion.

Slow-braised Partridge with Bacon and Chestnuts

My mouth started watering as soon as I glanced down through the ingredients! Perfectly plump partridges, juniper berries and gin? What more could a Sunday afternoon want? Seriously though, this dish makes a wonderful change to your usual, staid roast.

Follow the Hairy Bikers fabulous recipe here.

Lavender and Goats Cheese Scones

Melt in the mouth, light and a heavenly combination of gin and cheese! If you need a starter to impress but are perhaps a little short on time, why not give these a go?

Try them with Masons Lavender Gin for a more aromatic take!

Pomegranate, Gin and Grapefruit Meringue

I’m more than happy to have a good cocktail for a dessert but sometimes you’ve just got to have a proper pudding! Delicate, fruity and bursting with gin, these meringues are a taste of heaven.

Find them here and experiment with a particularly citrusy gin like Boxer or something as delightfully fruity as Brockmans.

The Good, Ol’ G&T

Make yourself a large one, and get the cookery books out! The classic gin recipe, suitable for any and all occasions.

Do you have a favourite gin recipe? Let us know!

Gin For Dinner?



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