Gin Festivals 15 Top Tips

With so much to do and taste at every festival, it’s hard to know where to start. Here are our top 15 things to do, making sure you get the most out of your Gin Festival experience.

1. The Gin Book is your new best friend. With so much choice, how can you possibly choose your new favourite gin alone? You'll be given our little gin book on arrival, use the tasting notes, flavour profiles and much more to help you decide between the many gins on offer.

2. ‘What else will I get with my ticket?’ On arrival, the lovely front of house staff will greet you with a complimentary copa glass (this is yours for keeps!).

3. Samples, samples, samples! Our brands (including some of the biggest names in the gin world) will be waiting with big smiles on their faces and samples in their hands. So go ahead and try before you buy them.

4. Switch up the order of the bars. A-E, then our Boutique Bar seems the logical order to work by right? But if you're a queue buster, try work backwards starting with a fruity liqueur at bar D and finishing the night off with a traditional British gin from Bar A.

5. ‘But I don’t actually like gin’ I hear you say. Well, you might want to try a 'G' without the 'T', as a lot of people actually don't like the tonic, but love gin when tried with ginger ale or soda water. Plus, for all you beer or wine loving enthusiasts, our Gin Shop is home to a bundle of delicious craft beers/ciders, rums, vodka and wine. So not to worry, we’ve got you sorted.

6. When 2/3 of your G&T is tonic, of course you have to be using the best. You will only find premium mixers at our festivals. And you're more than welcome to help yourself to all 7 tonics we have to hand.

7. Not a tonic fan? No problem, apple juice and orange juice are available on bar D. Along with Ginger Ale, Soda Water and Lemonade for an alternative mixer.

8. Top tip from our barman; Schweppes 1783 Light Tonic Water is full of citrus and slightly sweeter, so why not give that a try before giving up all tonic hope.

9. With all this gin, no doubt you’re feeling a little peckish. Various street food stalls and tuck shop snacks are available at all our festivals. So there’s no need to eat before, or bring your own food.

10. ‘I love that gin, where can I buy it’. At each event you’ll find an off license, every gin available on the bars is available to buy on the off licence. So if you find a new favourite why not take it home?

11. If you end up purchasing so many bottles, you can’t even get them home with lorry at your disposal, the mail order form allows you to get those bottles delivered straight to your home for FREE.

12. It’s not a festival without music right? Taking center stage at our Gin Festivals we have local bands such as Holder and Smith providing you with the best Gypsy jazz.

13. Keep an eye out for the master class timetable. Talks from industry experts are held throughout the sessions. So why not go top up your gin knowledge and bag yourself a few extra samples.

14. Our brand tables can be found dotted around the venue. From Tinker to Poetic License, local brands to international brands we bring the best of the best from every corner of the world. Go ask them questions, try their gin and get a few gin top tips.

15. Cocktails! Our mixologists will be ready and waiting to mix you up a glorious gin cocktail. Make sure your try our beloved best seller the ‘Rhubarb Rumble’.  

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We are so excited to have Sanction Gin Pomegranate and Jasmin as April’s GOTM we just had to shake up something fabulous.



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