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Gin Festival Cardiff Cocktail - Cardiff Martini

We were thrilled to launch Eccentric Gins new Cardiff Dry Gin, because this gin has a few twists that make it something very special.

Not only is this the first ever gin from Cardiff but Cardiff Dry Gin is being promoted as a brand new style of gin! It doesn’t fit any existing category of gin and is one of a very select group of gins created without the use of any citrus: no fruit, no peel and no essence. Instead, Eccentric have used an interesting range of botanicals to create a particularly piney and sweet gin, with a little, light spice. The piney juniper is very forward, backed by rosemary and sorrel, with spicy caraway and fennel seeds creating the warmth. The gin’s sweetness seems to come from the soft, warmth of liquorice.

Cardiff Dry is also one of the first gins to be created partly through social media. Eccentric Gins called upon the mixologists, bartenders and general lovers of gin throughout the world to help them create a gin the people wanted. After receiving an abundance of requests and ideas, Eccentric took three sample gins to an exclusive and expectant audience in a Cardiff bar, where they carefully tested and experimented with it. These guinea pigs had the most refined palates and the bottled beauty that we have as Cardiff Dry Gin today, is the winner that they chose.

Cardiff Dry is a fantastic gin for cocktails; flavoursome enough to be able to carry simple, short drinks whilst also blending fantastically.So last week when we held Gin Festival Cardiff, the choice of gin for the regional cocktail seemed obvious!

The Cardiff cocktail gave a nod to the archetypal, gin cocktail - the martini - with a lovely, ginny twist. Yes, yes, a martini should be made with gin, that’s hardly a surprise, but what about adding gin jam? A spoonful of Foxdenton’s Ginilicious Plum and Damson Jams made the martini; the warmth of the Cardiff Dry combined beautifully with the tart fruit.

To try it at home:

  • Fill a martini glass with ice to chill
  • Fill a cocktail shaker ⅓ with ice
  • Add a spoonful of of Foxdenton’s Ginilicious Plum Jam and stir vigorously
  • Add to the shaker: 1 ⅗ parts Cardiff Dry Gin and ⅖ parts Martini Extra Dry
  • Stir for approximately 12 seconds
  • Empty the ice from the glass
  • Add a spoonful of of Foxdenton’s Ginilicious Plum Jam to the bottom of the glass
  • Fine strain the contents of the shaker into the glass

Don't worry if you don't have any gin jam at home, will soon be stocking it!

Gin Festival Cardiff Cocktail - Cardiff Martini



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