Gin Festival Bristol 2016 by Phil McCormick

Gin Festival Bristol turned a gin newbie like me into a bonafide gin lover. Have a read to see why it's such a fun event!

The organisers over at Gin Festival got in touch and asked if I'd like to attend their weekend festival held at Paintworks Event Space in Bristol. This is a nationwide festival and looked to be really interesting, so obviously - for a complete gin newbie like me, I jumped at the chance.

I can honestly say that before this event, I had never tried gin so I knew that this was going to be a fun experience. A good few of my family members love gin; it’s their drink of choice, so they were all pretty jealous when I said that I’d been invited to Gin Festival!

On arrival, I was greeted by the lovely Laura, who presented me with a lovely glass to use at the festival, which you also get to take home with you as a little gift! She also gave me a badge that allows you in and out of the venue, a Gin book that educates you about all of the different types of Gin on offer, as well as giving you hints and tips on how to serve them. Finally, you get a little Gin Festival pen so that you can make notes of all the Gins that you enjoy throughout your experience at the event.

After this, I was free to move around the event as I pleased. I was kind of caught off-guard at this moment and didn’t really know where to start, so I did what all bloggers do… I took some photos! After exploring for a little while I decided to make some friends so I talked to some of the lovely staff behind the bar that recommended I first try ‘Eccentric Gins Operation Citrus Overload’. This came with a lemon and thyme garnish along with Fever-Tree Tonic Water.

Gin Festival Glass

I quickly found that I’m not really a fan of tonic water, I think it’s because I didn’t really enjoy the bitterness of it. The lovely staff were again on hand to help out and said; “we know just the drink - Brockmans Gin with Ginger Ale!” My goodness this was a lovely drink, once I tried it and told a few others what I was having, they all recommended Brockmans.

After this, things were really starting to get going. The room was filling up with gin lovers and the master classes began. I watched a number of talks from Adnams, Sir Robin of Locksley, Brockmans and Pinkster. I felt that the master classes were brilliant and really well thought out. They all offered something different; whether it be educating you on all the different types of Gin available (London Dry, Distilled etc.) or discussing what their brand USP and identity was.

Gin Festival Bristol

In between these talks I explored the tasting stands and chatted to a few of the Gin brands there. I had a lovely chat with Stephen (Founder of Pinkster Gin) whose overall look and brand identity really drew me in. I especially love how their slogan is ‘Agreeably British Gin’ which is an area my personal blog focuses on ‘Best of British’. I also chatted with the guys over on the Brockmans Gin stand who were super fun and really did have a unique tasting Gin.

Finally, I had a good talk with the young lady at the Fever Tree stand. She really was helpful and encouraged me to try a range of the tonics to see which ones suited my taste buds. I left knowing that the Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer, Elder-flower Tonic and the Sicilian Lemonade were all to my liking.

Another lovely touch at Gin Festival was the two magicians that also turned into musicians. They were popping up around the room setting wallets on fire and just totally ‘wowing’ punters with their tricks. They also took breaks from these tricks and played some cool tunes on their violin and guitar. I’m sure that we all enjoyed sipping our Gins whilst listening to their rendition of Frank Sinatra, I know I did!

Gin Royale Gin Cocktail

The evening was winding down now and people were very merry so I decided to top it all off with a refreshing cocktail known as a ‘Drunken Tulip’ that consisted of: Pink 47 London dry gin, pomegranate juice, fresh lemon and prosecco. This is one of the more popular cocktails at Gin Festival and as others put it, “you cannot go wrong mixing gin with prosecco”.

The Gins that I tried throughout the evening were: Eccentric Citrus Overload, Brockman’s, Addingham’s Cranberry & Orange (which is exclusive to Gin Festival), Pinkster and finally Sir Robin of Locksley.

I’d like to thank Gin Festival for inviting me to their event in Bristol. I will admit that I have been converted and am now a bonafide Gin lover. I hope to attend future events and take my family with me to show them all that they have been missing!

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Gin Festival Bristol 2016 by Phil McCormick



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