Father's Day Gin Gift Guide

Our Father’s Day Gift Guide will help you find the perfect gin gift for every different kind of Dad.

Whether it was being your personal taxi or fending off monsters, you know Dad did a lot to earn some time to himself and a nice gin and tonic this Father’s Day. Because, no matter what hobbies he’s into, everything's better with gin!

For the BBQ Mad Dad

FEW Barrels Gin

Summer means just means 3 things to this Dad; fire, meat and the beautiful combination of the two called BBQ! This dad likes big smoky flavours and Americana, so FEW Barrels Gin should be right up his alley. Made in America and aged in charred oak barrels, FEW Barrels Gin has a smoky smoothness that’s reminiscent of a bourbon but which pairs beautifully with the peppery spiciness of juniper and fennel. Perfect for a G&T in one hand and BBQ tongs in the other.​

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For the Dad that Loves Collecting

101 Gins to try before you die

It started with football stickers then moved on to stamps or coins or model cars. This Dad loves nothing more than ticking finds off his ever expanding list. If your Dad is starting a gin collection then make sure to get him 101 Gins To Try Before You Die, the indispensable guide to all things gin. Author Ian Buxton has laid out 101 of the best, most notable and most interesting gins from the many hundreds available.

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For the Keen Fishing Dad

Da Mhile Seaweed

Characterised by his tendency to wear giant rubber trousers and launch into long stories about the one that got away, this Dad is fond of silence, the sea and something to keep the cold off. Da Mhile Seaweed (pronounced da-vee-lay) is perfect for him. This is the only gin to our knowledge that features seaweed as a key botanical and it makes its presence known very clearly, adding a savoury saltiness to the drink that’s just perfect served with one of Dad’s latest catches.

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For the DIY Dad

DIY Gin Kit

Shelves need putting up? He’ll do it. Toilet broken? He’ll fix it. Do you need a new wardrobe? He’ll build you one. Rarely glimpsed outside of his natural habitat of a shed or garage, DIY Dad is sometimes seen in a tool belt frantically searching for that missing alan key. What better gin gift for a Dad that likes to do things himself than a gin he can make himself? The Homemade Gin Kit contains everything you need to get started on making your own gin: bottles, filters, botanicals and a recipe. Just add vodka and you can start experimenting with your own perfect bathtub gin recipe.

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For the Dad that's Always Showing Off

Blackwoods 60 Percent Vintage Dry Gin

Does your Dad always go for the hottest curry? Has he been known to try and complete Man vs Food style eating challenges? Is he always up for an ill-advised dare? Blackwoods 60% Vintage Dry Gin is the perfect gin for him. At a whopping 60% ABV this is the strongest gin we sell. It’s not a gimmick though, the extra punch enhances the dry quality of the gin, making this a fantastically junipery gin for those that like a very bitter libation.

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For the Stylish Dad

Copper Head Gin

Against all odds some Dads manage to be cool, stylish and on point both in their fashion and in their tastes. Copper Head Gin, with its retro stylings and beautiful bottle, stands out from the crowd as much as this Dad does, but the insides are equally stunning; dry yet warming with a long finish of pepper and ginger notes.

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For the Dad that has Everything

Gin Explorer

He's got all the tools, clothes, DVDs, socks and novelty gifts he could ever want. What do you get him? How about the gift that keeps on giving? Gin, to his door, every month. Gin Explorer is a monthly subscription service that sends 4 different gins ( 50ml bottles) plus mixers and fun extras each and every month. Sign up for a 3 month subscription and get £10 off with code FATHERSDAY (expires June 30th).

PLEASE NOTE. You are giving the subscription as a gift. The first box will not arrive until the 3rd week of next month.

Buy Now £24.99

For the Old School Dad

Vintage Gin Collection Gordon's Gin

Everything was better back in his day, even though he had to walk 15 miles to school and back, in the snow, uphill! If your Dad loves banging on about the past then he’s bound to appreciate something from our Vintage Gin Collection. Authentic gin bottles from the 30’s to the 80’s, you can pick up a bottle that’s almost as old as he is and rekindle happy memories of gins gone by.

Buy Now £144

For the Business Dad

Broker's Gin

Suit, tie and paper under the arm; this Dad is a classic businessman, serious and smart. Like any good businessman, he knows a good deal when he sees one. Broker's Gin is a delicious London Dry, smooth with a remarkable depth of flavour, and at only £23 a bottle an absolute bargain.

Buy Now £23

For the Wild Dad

Silverback Gin

Camping, walking or gardening, this Dad loves to be outside more than anything. He's a huge nature lover and a bit of a wild animal himself (but that just means he's great at hugs). Silverback Gin, with its staggering array of fragrant, floral aromas, is just like drinking the great outdoors. Plus, money from every bottle goes towards helping save wild gorillas from extinction.

Buy Now £33.50

Whatever your Dad loves, he's sure to love something from this Father's Day.

Father's Day Gin Gift Guide



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