Cracking Christmas Cocktails

‘Tis the season to be merry...with some cracking Christmas cocktails! There’s 5 delicious drinks to try, full of festive and seasonal flavour. The top three are quick and easy, ideal if you don’t have much time to prepare. The next 2 are a little bit special, take 5-15 mins to prepare beforehand and are well worth the effort!

Perfect for parties, a cosy #ginnightin, or just because, these Christmas Cocktails will become your go to recipes every year - you’re welcome!


A tasty Christmas twist on the classic martini, full of festive flavour and shaken, not stirred...

Shake together over ice:
2 parts Gin - we recommend Poetic License Old Tom to add a touch of spice
1 part Sweet vermouth
½ part Cherry Liqueur
1 dash Angostura bitters
A pinch of ground mixed spice (available in supermarkets)

Strain into an ice-filled glass and garnish with an orange twist.

Cracking Christmas Cocktails

A perfect spin on a Singapore Sling at Christmas. This is a long, rich drink full of berries and bursting with seasonal flavour.

1 part Sloe gin - Addingham Sloe Gin works beautifully with a rich fruit taste
1 part London Dry Gin - Premium Harrogate Gin gives a fresh, clean flavour
1 part Creme de mure (blackberry liqueur)
1 part Lemon Juice
Dash of Sugar syrup (make a simple sugar syrup by mixing equal parts boiling water and sugar)
4 parts Soda
Seasonal berries
Lemon slice

Add the Sloe and London Dry Gin to an ice filled glass. Pour in the lemon juice, sugar syrup and top with soda. Drizzle the liqueur inside the edge of the glass then garnish with berries and a slice of lemon.

Cracking Christmas Cocktails

One of the easiest to make and still a cocktail fit for a queen (or king), beautifully sweet and full of fizz.

Shake together over ice:
1 part Sloe Gin - we recommend Hayman’s Sloe Gin for a hint of cherries.
3 parts Prosecco/Champagne

Fine strain into a chilled champagne flute, top with champagne and garnish with a lemon twist.

Cracking Christmas Cocktails


Trust us, make the time to give these two stunners a try!

Our friends across the pond came up with this for Thanksgiving and it’s so good we’ve stolen it. Try this seasonal, fresh and tasty G&T.

2 parts Gin - Sanction Gin works well for an extra a pop of citrus
5 parts Tonic

For the cranberry syrup:
75g fresh cranberries
55g white granulated sugar
120ml water
Splash of orange juice
1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
Fresh Sprigs of thyme

To make the cranberry syrup:
In a small saucepan, mix together the cranberries, sugar, water, splash of orange juice and vanilla extract. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes, pressing the cranberries with the back of your spoon until they pop (beware - they'll splatter!). Add the fresh thyme and smash with the back of your spoon to release its flavour, done! Pour through a sieve and your syrup is ready. Note: The finished mixture is more runny than traditional cranberry sauce - it’s meant to be.

To make the cocktail:
Add 1 part cranberry syrup to each glass, top with plenty of ice, the gin and tonic. Stir gently and garnish with fresh thyme, simple!

Cracking Christmas Cocktails


Stay cosy with this seriously tasty gin and ginger winter warmer. This is perfect for a party, pre-make a batch of this beauty, keep it warm in a slow cooker/pan and let your guests help themselves - no more being chained to drinks duty!

2 parts* Gin - we recommend Cuckoo Gin to really let the ginger shine.
4 parts Ginger Beer/Ale
¼ Lime, muddled (put lime in a shaker or pint glass and gently press with a spoon, use the juice)
1 Tbsp Golden caster sugar

Plus 1 per person of:
Lime wedge, studded with 3 cloves
Cinnamon stick
Star anise
Slice of fresh ginger

Add all ingredients to a small pan and heat through, leave simmering for 5 mins. Don't let it boil or you'll evaporate the alcohol, noooo! Then remove from the pan 1 wedge of lime, cinnamon stick, star anise and slice of ginger for each glass/mug (if you’re making a batch pop this in mugs ready for use). Finally, pour your winter warmer over the garnish and enjoy.   

Cracking Christmas Cocktails

* i. Parts made simple. Just stick to the ratios, so if you are making a jug ¼ of the jug could be 1 part, ½ the jug 2 parts. For 1 cocktail, 1 part would be approx 25ml, if you are making 2 cocktails, 1 part would be approx 50ml and so on - experiment and give it a try.

ii. If you don’t have a cocktail set you can shake the ingredients together in a pint glass using your hand or anything flat to seal the top and then strain through a sieve.


Cracking Christmas Cocktails



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