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Brockmans Gin & Tonic Cake

It’s a Dry January out there, full of detoxes and diets but here at Gin Festival, it’s time for a perfect serve of decadent Brockmans Gin & Tonic cake!

Ginuary is much more fun than Dry January so we thought that it was the ideal time to let you all in our little secret. There are plenty of tasty G&T cakes out there but in our humble opinion - they’re not quite right. They don’t have enough gin in them, they’re not garnished properly and they’ll never be an instagram worthy centrepiece.

We decided to change that.

We wanted to make a gin and tonic cake as boozy and enticing as possible, and of course, we wanted to use one of our favourite gins! After some disastrous, but delicious, experimentation we decided that Brockmans Gin, with its soft berry fruitiness and the perfect combination of sharp grapefruit and sweet blueberries, was the one for us!

To make a Brockmans G&T Cake you’ll need the following:

Brockmans Gin & Tonic Cake Ingredients

For the cake:

  • 250g caster sugar

  • 250g unsalted butter

  • 250g self-raising flour

  • 1 tsp baking powder

  • 5 large eggs

  • ½ tsp vanilla extract

  • 4 tbsp Brockmans Gin

  • Fever-tree Tonic Water

For the icing:

  • 250g unsalted butter softened

  • 550g icing sugar

  • 3 tbsp Brockmans Gin

  • 1 pink grapefruit

  • 250g fresh blueberries

Step 1. - Make yourself a G&T, take sips periodically.

Step 2. - Preheat the oven to gas mark 3/170C/150C Fan.

Brockmans Gin & Tonic Cake Step 1

Step 3. - Cream the butter and the sugar until light and fluffy. Whisk the eggs with the vanilla extract then slowly add to the butter/sugar mix.

Step 4. - Carefully sieve the flour and baking powder into the mix and gently fold in. Then add a dash of tonic water. The mix should fall easily from a spoon, if it seems a little too thick add a little milk.

Brockmans Gin & Tonic Cake Step 2

Step 5. - Split the mixture evenly into two, well-greased cake tins and bake for 30 minutes, until golden brown and springy to touch.

Step 6. - Remove the cakes from the tins and allow to cool completely on a wire rack.

Step 7. - When fully cooled, brush each cake with two tablespoons of Brockmans Gin.

Step 8. - Mix together the icing sugar, butter and 3 tablespoons of Brockmans Gin. Add fresh grapefruit juice to taste.

Step 9. - Spread most of the icing over one of the cakes (saving a little to decorate the top) then add blueberries around the edge of the icing. Place the other cake on the top of the first and spread with the remainder of the icing. Decorate with more blueberries.

Step 10. - Cut a slice of cake and pour another G&T.

Brockmans Gin & Tonic Cake



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