Beat those festival blues...

We know, we feel your pain too. The weekend is over, which means so is the Festival. The G&T’s have been swapped for a strong black coffee and you’re already posting pics over from the event saying ‘take me back’ or ‘wish it was still the weekend.’ Gin Festival blues are a very real thing and we like to think we take it seriously, so here’s some top-tips to get your head back in the game:

It may be Monday but you could have a little tipple to kickstart your week! Unless your working or on the school run of course... Check out our Gin Festival Blood Red Snapper recipe:

Blood Red Snapper
Add to an ice filled shaker:
2 parts* Persie Herby & Aromatic
Dash of Tabasco Sauce (or 2… or 3!)
6 dashes Worcester Sauce or Henderson’s Relish
Pinch of celery salt
Squeeze lemon wedge
Dash celery bitters
2 twists black pepper
1 twist salt
4 parts tomato juice
1 ½ parts beetroot juice

Stir and then strain into a glass with ice. Garnish with a lemon wheel, celery and a twist of black pepper.

*For a quick guide to converting parts into ml and how to make cocktails with what you have in the cupboard, take a look at the end of the blog.

Check out our Gin Smoothies blog for additional early morning gin concoctions!

Forget to pick up your new favourite from our Festival Gin Shop on the way out? Or have you just forgotten in general which gins you tried?! Take a look at your personal drinks list by logging into your cashless account, then order yourself a bottle from Use the code BeatTheBlues at checkout to get free shipping!

We’re pretty sure you’ll have documented your time at Gin Festival and so have we. Sometimes there’s nothing better than reliving the moment, keep an eye out, we’ll be posting photos from the event very soon. Tag us in your pictures too, we love to see you having a great time!

Have a festival experience without even leaving your front door! Check out our Gin Festival In A Box range with delicious craft gins, tasty tonics and gorgeous glasses. Invite your friends and family round and show off your new, found GINformation (you know, from all those notes you made throughout the masterclasses). Use our 15 Tips For Throwing The Perfect Gin Party guide so you can fake it, until you make it and serve up great G&T’s. Even better, you don’t have to worry about flagging down a taxi at the end of it!

If all else fails and you’re still dreaming of the weekend, then why not come see us again?! We might not be back in your city anytime soon but that’s no excuse. Gather the troops and get planning a long weekend away to somewhere new and exciting with your next Gin Festival event at the forefront. Go on, we know you want to...

* i. Cocktail making - Parts made simple. Just stick to the ratios, so if you are making a jug ¼ of the jug could be 1 part, ½ the jug 2 parts. For 1 cocktail, 1 part would be approx 25ml and a dash 5ml, if you are making 2 cocktails, 1 part would be approx 50ml and so on - experiment and give it a try.

ii. If you don’t have a cocktail set you can shake the ingredients together in a pint glass using your hand or anything flat to seal the top and then strain through a sieve.

Beat those festival blues...



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