Afternoon Tea Cocktails

Gin and tea cocktails - the only way to improve upon the classic afternoon tea!

Afternoon tea, a delightful excuse for a meal. Think finely sliced sandwiches with gloriously light cakes; rich, buttery scones, slathered in clotted cream and jam, all served up with delicate china and steaming pots of tea. It’s a fantastic experience but it is possible to improve on it. A simple way to do so is to serve a glass of champagne alongside the tea and the fine food.

Alternatively, you can bring in the gin.

Tea and gin are a fantastic combination. They share many attributes: socially and historically, variations and similarities in their flavour profiles, and their popularity in the UK. They work so well as a pair that they have been found together in drinks recipes for centuries - from punches to hot toddy-esque drinks and beyond, into the world of contemporary cocktails.

Gin made with tea, syrups, and infusions - it barely scratches the surface of how to bring gin cocktails into afternoon tea without losing any element of the titular drink.

Here are some of our favourites:

Masons Tea Negroni

Masons Tea NegroniMasons Tea Gin has been a smash hit ever since it was launched back in 2015; a brilliantly crafted gin that perfectly melds gin and tea together infusion, it is the epitome of the style. The use of a relatively bitter breakfast tea with a sharp and gently spiced gin makes for a perfect morning-style Negroni! The herbal, tea flavours blending delightfully with bitter orange.


Stir together over ice:

  • 25ml Masons Tea Gin

  • 25ml Dolin Rouge Vermouth de Chambery

  • 25ml Campari

  • 15ml Cold Yorkshire Tea

Fine strain into an ice-filled rocks glass

Garnish with an orange twist

Chamomile Gin Toddy

Chamomile Gin ToddyWarming with a gentle kick, Hot Toddies are great. Gin shouldn’t be disregarded from hot boozy drinks though, it just takes a little thought, or, a little tea. Something like Silent Pool, with its delicate aromas and subtle floral notes, is the perfect gin to conduct this ‘experiment’ on. Chamomile tea, with a touch of honey and lemon, pulls out the complex botanicals within Silent Pool, extending the experience, and helping you to relax.


Add to a china teacup:

Stir thoroughly

Pour in 75ml freshly brewed chamomile tea

Stir again

Garnish with a cinnamon stick, if so desired

Matcha Infused Gintonic

Matcha-Infused GintonicUnfortunately, neither gin nor any other alcoholic beverage can be described as being definitively healthy, or good for you. Matcha tea on the other hand, is a health food sensation. A little mixing of the two won’t be beneficial healthwise but it may well help ease any guilty consciences about that large gin... Try a matcha infused Nelson’s Gintonic, wherein the soft, almost creaminess of the gin balances the matcha beautifully.


Fill a copa glass with ice

Stir with a bar spoon to level the ice

Top any gaps with more ice

Add 50ml Matcha Infused* Nelson’s Gin

Top with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water

Garnish with dried apricots and green cardamom

Gin Hopped Lemon

Gin Hopped LemonA nice, hoppy IPA made with Earl Grey is quite the pleasant drink (though it may be pushing the tea link a little), reduce that down, into a thick and flavoursome syrup and it works a treat with gin! Especially gins like Geranium - simple, clean with floral, citrus tones. The condensed, intense flavour contained within the reduction means that few other ingredients are needed, but a splash of dry vermouth adds a necessary dry, lightness.


Stir over ice:

  • 35ml Geranium Gin

  • 25ml Dolin Dry Vermouth de Chambery

  • 20ml Earl Grey IPA Reduction*

Fine strain into a teacup

Garnish with a lemon slice

Green Tea Old Fashioned

Green Tea Old FashionedLiverpool Gin - Valencian Orange is a great example of a modern, citrus forward gin, and what better to pair this with than green tea and plums? Rich fruit, mellow citrus and light, refreshing tea. It’s delightfully gentle with a long, aromatic finish.


Add to an Old Fashioned glass:

Stir for a few moments then add two cubes of ice

Stir again

Add ice to the cup if there is room

Garnish with physalis

*Matcha Infused Gin

  • Add to a sealable container:

    • 250ml gin

    • 4 heaped teaspoons of matcha tea

  • Shake thoroughly

  • Leave for 72 hours

  • Strain carefully

  • Store in an airtight bottle for up to 6 months

Green Tea Syrup

  • Fill a pan with 1 litre of water then bring to the boil

  • Remove from the heat

  • Add 3 bags of green tea

  • Allow to brew for 4 minutes then remove teabags

  • Place pan on a medium heat and add 500g of sugar

  • Stir continuously and bring to the boil

  • Turn the heat down and allow the syrup to simmer

  • When all the sugar is dissolved, remove from the heat.

  • Store in an airtight bottle for up to 6 months

*Earl Grey IPA Reduction

  • Add 500ml Earl Grey IPA to a pan

  • Place on a medium heat until the beer begins to boil

  • Leave to simmer for 40 minutes, stirring every few minutes

  • Remove from the heat

  • Add 500g caster sugar and stir thoroughly

  • Allow to cool

  • Store in an airtight bottle for up to 6 months

Afternoon Tea Cocktails



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