A Teacher’s Guide to the Summer Break

Anyone required to look after just one child will know the familiar feeling of fulfilment, joy, and very much needing a large gin and tonic.

So imagine how much more intense each of those feelings must be when dealing with a whole classroom full of delightful kids, or even several classrooms full.

Here at Gin Festival, we think each and every teacher in the country deserves a hard-earned summer holiday, and we’d like to do our part to say thank you.

We’ve compiled a compulsory reading list for the nation’s teacher’s, with tips for the gins they should be learning off by heart this summer.

We’d advise taking a practical test and trying each one of these outstanding gins, which all deserve to get top marks.


A classic gin infused with the slightly unusual tastes of coconut and grapefruit along with its juniper.

All ingredients are ethically sourced, and are macerated for 5 days before being distilled just once in a 150 year old copper still.

It’s an exotic take on gin, and one which came from the creative hub of Hoxton.


A London Dry gin made in Portugal, Gotik is the first to be created in the Ribatejo region.

Slightly spicy as well as sweet, it contains 21 botanicals including cinnamon, tomatoes and butternut squash.

It’s distilled 7 times with a traditional steam process before it reaches your glass as a perfectly premium gin.


Caspyn Midsummer Dry Gin is refreshing and summery, with local flora, pine and cucumber shining through.

Distilled in Penzance at the Pocket Full of Stones Distillery, it’s a sweet and subtle gin that will go down well no matter what your personal tastes.


This Norwegian Arctic gin is smooth and distinctive, with 22 organic and hand-picked botanicals.

Made from pure Norwegian water, it’s distilled 5 times, with the cold surrounding adding extra flavour to the already rich mixture of herbs.


Durham gin is mildly floral in flavour, with hints of cardamom, orange, lemon, coriander, elderflower and pink peppercorns among the juniper.

It’s a calm but complex mixture, and is produced by hand at the small batch craft distillery in a 400 litre copper pot still.

6 O’Clock

Aptly named when we’re celebrating the start of leisure time, 6 O’Clock Gin is complex, nutty and fruity, with a long, floral finish.

Citrus and pine notes add to the clean, smooth taste of this excellent gin, along with a hint of almond.

It’s distilled near Bristol by Bramley & Gage, who have been making spirits for more than 20 years.

Ancient Mariner

This London Dry Gin is powerfully citrusy with a strong juniper flavour coming through, and it has a delicate balance of botanicals including pepper and spice.

Distilled in Argyll by the Hebridean Liqueur Company, it’s just one of the unusual flavour experiences this company are known for.

A Teacher’s Guide to the Summer Break



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