Start your ultimate #ginshelfie

As you know here at Gin Festival we are dedicated to helping you achieve your #gingoals and fixing all of your #ginproblems. The next item on our list? Start your ultimate #ginshelfie.

So many of you have built up fabulous gin collections. We’re here to help you take the next step and create a #ginshelfie. All you need is gin, the bottles can be full, open or empty. There are no rules, go with your heart!

Whether you keep it simple or go nuts on decoration there is a #ginshelfie for you. Get inspired and then show us your #ginshelfie - post them on our facebook and instagram pages with #ginshelfie.

1. The tray - simple, classic and elegant. Just shove (sorry, carefully select an order and place) your gorgeous gin bottles on a tray. If you don’t have a tray, this is a fantastic excuse to go on a charity/vintage shopping trip and pick one up.

#ginshelfie The tray

2. The cupboard - if your collection is too big for a tray/ you already keep your bottles in a cupboard then why not pimp it up?! You could keep it modern and clean by just adding in your glasses/mixers. Or get creative with a cupboard art transfer, we like ‘Gin is just fun water!’ (always drink responsibly people).

#ginshelfie The cupboard

3. The shelf - if you instantly thought of a shelf you could clear/a space where you could add a set of shelves give this one a go. You can stick to just gin or add in glasses and mixers too. In fact, go all out and get fairy lights and bunting. After all, our Scandinavian friends invented affordable flatpack shelves/accessories for moments like this!
*Disclaimer* Gin Festival will not be held responsible for any fights about how to put your new shelves up.

#ginshelfie The shelves

So give it a go and show us yours! We’d love it if you posted them on our facebook and instagram pages with #ginshelfie.

If you are feeling inspired and want to build up your collection take a look at our mystery box - 3 fantastic gins for just £69 and our Gin Festival in a Box range starting with Emergency Gin & Tonic Kits at £4.99!

Start your ultimate #ginshelfie



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