It's Just Not Christmas Until...

Christmas is all about traditions, and while some are centuries old many are more recent. It’s just not Christmas until you do these modern Christmas traditions.

When we think of Christmas we might think of trees, presents and turkey, but another part of the season are all the little moments that make it feel like this time of year.

It’s just not Christmas until...

  • You see an advert with a fleet of red trucks, storming through the snow and announcing; “Holidays are coming, holidays are coming.”

  • You fill any spare surfaces in your house up with tubs of Quality Street (unless you’re a Roses family or one of these modern Celebrations types.)

  • While out shopping, you stop to get one of Starbucks super sugary seasonal coffees.

  • You watch the John Lewis Christmas advert.

  • You cry at the John Lewis Christmas advert.

  • You watch a slew of imitators all trying their best to out-do the John Lewis Christmas advert.

  • You buy, and wear with pride, the ugliest Christmas jumper you can find. X-Mas Jumpers

  • After months of waiting, you can finally try your homemade sloe gin.

  • You re-watch that one classic Christmas movie that everyone in your family has agreed to watch every year. Do you watch Elf? Muppet’s Christmas Carol? Arthur Christmas? How about, It’s a Wonderful Life?

  • You get into an argument with someone about whether or not Die Hard is the best Christmas movie. (For the record, it is a Christmas movie, but not the best one).

  • You make a massive Christmas music playlist.

  • Partway through listening to it you wind up singing along with Fairytale of New York and making up the words during the slurry bit.

  • You fill up your supermarket trolley with food that, not only doesn’t exist at any other time of the year, but probably didn’t exist last Christmas either. Pulled pork lollipops? Sausage roll garlands? Fire Roasted Tortilla Chips dipped in dark chocolate? Yes, these are all real foods out this year.

  • You stand in the cold to watch a z-list celeb switch on the town’s Christmas lights. Mulled Gin

  • You recover from the cold by sipping some mulled wine (or mulled gin).

  • You snuggle into a onesie on Christmas morning.

  • You spend the rest of Christmas morning sending thank you texts to everyone.

  • You ponder why your Christmas cracker contains one giant paperclip (still better than that fish).

  • You spend a lovely day with the people who are closest to you in the world.

  • You decide to play Monopoly with the people who are closest to you in the world.

  • You have a massive argument with the people who are closest to you in the world.

What do you guys think; are there any other modern Christmas traditions we’ve missed? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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