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If You Like That Gin...Try This!

If you’re beginning to broaden your gin palate but not sure where to start, then look no further. We have a little guide to give you a hand, when you know you like that gin...try this gin for something new.

Now we’re absolutely not saying that these gins are exactly the same as the ones we’ve paired them with. They have similarities in style but the flavours are carried very differently.

Take a peek, and work out what you want to try next!

Gordons Gin and Phipps Kingswell Gin

If you’re a fan of Gordon’s, try… Phipps Kingswell Gin.

Gordon’s isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it is the first gin that most of us ever tried, and for many, it’s a steady go to. If you enjoy the strong juniper and citrus of Gordon’s then try Phipps Kingswell Gin. It’s a solid London Dry gin. Juniper and citrus perfectly balanced with a touch of peppery heat.

Bombay Sapphire and Pink Pepper

If you’re a fan of Bombay Sapphire, try… Pink Pepper.

Bombay Sapphire is renowned for being a light and incredibly aromatic gin, to the point where it’s commonly referred to as ‘perfumed’. Pink Pepper is an absolute beauty; intensely aromatic and inspired by the very process of perfumery. It’s an incredibly versatile gin that begins as something fresh and spicy but mellows into a soft, sweetness.

Beefeater and Yerburgh Jam Jar Gin

If you’re a fan of Beefeater, try… Yerburgh’s Jam Jar Gin.

Reliably light with a good burst of citrus, Beefeater is a great, staple; Yerburgh’s Jam Jar Gin takes the light floral tones and citrus a step further, adding into the mix, a long creamy finish and brilliantly sharp, summer strawberries.

Tanqueray and Jawbox Gin

If you’re a fan of Tanqueray, try… Jawbox Gin.

Much like Tanqueray, Jawbox Gin is citrusy, smooth and impeccably balanced. Both gins work wonderfully in G&Ts, over ice and in classic and contemporary cocktails, thanks to a range of high-quality ingredients and a dedication to making exceptional gins.

Brockmans and Sikkim Bilberry

If you're a fan of Brockmans, try... Sikkim Bilberry.

If you're a Gin Festival fan you've no doubt discovered Brockmans. One of our most popular gins, Brockmans is a seductively smooth and well-balanced gin with noticeable berry flavours. It makes a great introduction to craft gins, but if you want to try something that packs the same berry aroma while being wildly different, look no further than Sikkim Bilberry. Sikkim Bilberry is a beautifully distilled gin with aromas of tea, bilberries and juniper and a sweet fruity taste on the palate.

If You Like That Gin...Try This!



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