Gin Festival Backstage with Clare Gould

Want to meet the people behind Gin Festival? Clare Gould is the first in a series of interviews with the people that bring you your favourite gin experience.

What’s your name?

My name is Clare Gould.

How did you discover Gin Festival?

I found out about Gin Festival when it popped up on Facebook and I thought “that sounds quite cool.” So I sent my CV in, came to the assessment day and got the job.

What were you doing before?

Working in events and marketing, so quite similar. Although my job at Gin Festival is on the Gin Explorer team.

Gin Explorer?

Gin Explorer is the monthly gin subscription box. Every month you can get 4 gins, 50ml of each along with some tonics. We‘ve had Fever-Tree tonic and some bright pink and blue tonics from No Comply brands. The idea being that there’s loads of different gins but also loads of different tonics. And then you get some other goodies, we’ve got biscotti this month, we’ve had gin and tonic popcorn, we’ve had bar spoons.

The idea behind the box is really that people can find new gins and try them without having to buy a full bottle, which can be expensive especially if you end up not really liking it. And then if you do like it then there’s 10% off a full bottle from

Gin Explorer Box Contents

What’s your role in the Gin Explorer team then?

I think the team has grown quite quickly. It started with 1 person on the team back in March and now we’re a team of 3 with over 1000 subscribers!

Because it’s such a small team my job is really to do a little bit of everything from admin to social media marketing.

Have you been to a Gin Festival?

Yes, we actually have a Gin Explorer stand at every event where people can try some of the gins from previous boxes and sign up for a subscription. I think they’re loads of fun! And really well run, everybody knows their job and it’s really impressive to see the space transform into a festival.

It’s nice meeting the customers too who are a real mix between huge gin enthusiasts that know everything and people who came for a good night out and are just discovering how many different gins there are!

There were some good stories of why people were joining Gin Explorer too. One person was going to stockpile boxes until Christmas and then have a gin tasting party. Another was moving to Australia and was buying a subscription for her friend that was still in England because they always used to drink gin together.


Yeah, that was my favourite.

Clare Gould at a Gin Festival

Were you much of a gin drinker before you started working here?

Yes, but not in a very knowledgeable way. I didn’t know much about gins but I’m definitely learning now.

And have you had the chance to try much gin since you started?

Not that many no. I’ve tried a few from every Gin Explorer box since I started working here but I haven’t tried as many as there are in the Gin Festival bars. But then, I’ve only been here a month! I’d say my favourite since starting, although it’s quite a non-traditional gin, is the Edinburgh Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Liqueur which is delicious even without a mixer. For a more traditional choice I like Monkey 47.

What’s the best thing about working for Gin Festival?

The people, that and you don’t have to explain your job all the time. If someone asks you what your job is they get distracted by the word gin and it turns into a conversation about that instead.

So it’s not all the free gin we’re swimming in?

We’re really more paddling in it than swimming.

What do you do when you’re not paddling in gin?

I'm trying to explore the local area as I only moved up to Yorkshire from the South a month ago - this has of course involved checking out what gins are stocked in the local pubs! I also love spending time with friends and family, sitting down with a good book or watching a good drama or comedy on TV.

Thanks Clare.
Thanks very much.

Fancy working for Gin Festival? You can get the latest info on vacancies at our careers page.

Clare Gould Interview



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