Fool of a Fizz: Gooseberry Gin Cocktail Recipe

While the weather in July often lets us down, there’s one thing we can rely on it for - tart, fresh gooseberries, perfect for a nice gin cocktail.

Seasonal and luscious, try our Fool of a Fizz! Inspired by Ramos Gin Fizzes and that British summer staple of Gooseberry Fools, Fool of a Fizz is part cocktail, part dessert and mouthwateringly good. Taking a healthy measure of Zymurgorium Extra Gooseberry Gin Liqueur as well as some more seasonal fruits, this is the ideal drink when you don’t know if you want something sweet to eat or a tempting drink to finish. Either way, you’re sure to impress!


*You can use ready-made raspberry puree but making your own is super easy and utterly delightful. Simply add 250g of raspberries, 1 tbsp of icing sugar and 40ml of lemon juice to a pan and simmer until the raspberries break down.

Fool of a Fizz Gooseberry Gin Cocktail


  • Chill a tall glass.

  • Separate the egg white.

  • Shake together, without ice,: 1 ½ shots Zymurgorium Extra Gooseberry Gin Liqueur, ½ shot London Dry Gin, ⅓ shot elderflower liqueur, 1 shot fresh lemon juice, 1 ½ shots single cream and the egg white.

  • Shake again with ice.

  • Decorate the inside of the glass with a little raspberry puree.

  • Fill the glass with ice.

  • Strain into the glass then top with soda.

  • Garnish with crushed hazelnuts and a couple of gooseberries.

Gorgeously indulgent and utterly delicious!

Fool of a Fizz: Gooseberry Gin Cocktail Recipe



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