Exclusive to GinFestival - Single Estate Cornish Tea Gin

We’re delighted to Introduce Tarquin’s ‘Single Estate Cornish Tea,’ the first ever distilled gin made for and available exclusively at GinFestival.

Single Estate Cornish Tea’ is made with tea from the Tregothnan estate, which, thanks to a sub-tropical micro-climate, is the only place in the UK where tea is grown commercially. The aromatic tea, Camelia sinensis, is teamed with the key botanicals of kaffir lime, ginger, bee pollen and, of course, juniper to produce a sweet, delicate gin with a long smoky finish.

Single Estate Cornish Tea Gin Available Only at Gin Festival

This is the first ever distilled gin created exclusively for GinFestival and we’re incredibly excited about it. For every gin lover the ultimate goal has to be your own bespoke gin, and now we have one!

The genius behind our new gin is Tarquin Leadbetter of Southwestern Distillery, the maker’s of Tarquin’s Cornish Gin, Cornwall’s first gin in over a century and a Gold Award Winner at the 2014 International Wine and Spirits Competition.

Tarquin was inspired by his native Cornwall to produce this singular gin.

“All of my gins are inspired by the unique properties of the Cornish countryside,” Leadbetter explained. “Since Cornwall is the only place in the UK where tea can be grown, I’ve wanted to use it in a drink for a long time.”

Single Estate Cornish Tea Gin Botanicals

“Starting with the tea, the other botanicals took shape to support and work with this key flavour. So bee pollen is there because tea and honey go so well together, as does ginger.The lime was the natural choice for citrus when you’re using honey and ginger flavours. It also added an Indian flavour to the gin which complemented the tea.”

Tarquin's Gin Pot Still

“The distillation process is the same as our award winning Tarquin’s Cornish Gin. Firstly the botanicals are macerated overnight for about 15 hours to let the flavours properly infuse. Then the gin is distilled for about 10 hours in a small pot still that’s heated by flame. We only keep the heart of the gin, discarding the heads and tails. Using this method we can only make about 250 bottles at a time so this is truly a hand-crafted gin.”

“I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to experiment with more unusual gin flavours and look forward to producing some more limited editions in the future.”

Tarquin's Gin Bottles

There was nervous excitement in the Gin Festival office the day this arrived. We’d never put our logo on a bottle of gin before, and with such unusual botanicals we had no clue how it was going to taste. Fortunately ‘Single Estate Cornish Tea’ surpassed our wildest expectations. This is a fabulous gin with delicate floral aromas. The nose and the first sip is dominated by intensely fresh lime and spicy ginger but this soon settles down into a comfortable juniper rhythm. This is on the sweet end of London Dry Gins, thanks partially to the bee pollen, but still recognisably a dry gin. The tea comes through most strongly on the finish with a light smokiness that integrates beautifully with the floral notes of the bee pollen. Finally, there is a honey mouthfeel that lightly coats the palate and makes this is a long, lingering gin.

“It’s awesome,” was the main thing Jym, our founder, had to say as he clutched his bottle excitedly. “It’s amazing that we’ve been able to convince the maker of one of my favourite gins to produce a gin exclusively for us.”

‘Single Estate Cornish Tea’ is a masterful creation by an excellent craft distillery. And the only place you can get it, is at an official GinFestival Event. It will be available on Bar B to sample and full bottles are available on the off-licence to take home. You can now also pick up a bottle online at

So don’t miss your chance to try this excellent exclusive gin.

Exclusive to GinFestival - Single Estate Cornish Tea Gin



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