7 Reasons Gin is Better Than Football

Football season is just around the corner and as much as we’re fans of the beautiful game here at Gin Festival, we still like gin more!

And just for you, here’s a few of the reasons why:

You don’t have to support your local team

With football, you have an obligation to support your local team, even if you’re not originally from there or (shhh!) they’re not actually any good. So you can have your local team and another one in the Premier League but you’ve still got to devote a lot of your football time to the locals.

With gin, we’re lucky enough to have distilleries all over the place while it’s great to have this variety in the market (foraged botanicals unique to the area and local spring water as well as myths and legends that add to the image of the gin) you don’t owe any loyalties to your local gin.

Sure, you’ll have the odd bottle every now and then but it doesn’t have to be the only one.

You’re rarely disappointed at the end of a bottle

Hopes, dreams and accumulators often come crashing to the ground at the end of a match. Sometimes you’ve been let down by your team, others you can’t help but despair at the state of the game these days.

Gin, on the other hand, is so rarely disappointing! You’ve done your research or tried something delicious in a bar and brought a bottle home. Amazing. You crack out the tonic (and appropriate garnish) and dig in and in. The only sadness here, is that the bottle’s soon empty (not to despair, there’s another in the kitchen)!

You don’t see many bartenders rolling around injured

We hear this one all the time, don’t we! The player’s been tapped by that other guy and now he’s on the floor. Right, yeah, that hurt didn’t it… And now one team’s got an ‘unfair’ advantage, and do they really get paid that much to just give up and complain about their ankle?

Bartenders are made of hardier stuff, 12 hours into a shift, they’re still smiling, joking around and genuinely trying to help you decide on the right gin for you. They want you to enjoy yourself, have a great drink and maybe even learn a little about the booze in question (if that’s your thing). Some of them, however, might have had one or two many Martinis behind the bar and might just slip.

You don’t have to wait until Saturday for a gin

Saturday and football, two great things forever entwined. I mean, that’s a great day but you do have to wait for Saturday to come round again before you get to enjoy it. Okay, so sometimes football is on during the week but it’s hardly at a sociable time and when it is, boy, is that a special occasion!

Had a long day at work? Any day? Get a nice G&T down you. No fuss, no careful planning. You can head to almost any bar and choose from a decent selection of gins with a premium tonic water or go home and pour one.

The average bottle of gin is cheaper than a day a Premier League match

A day out at the match is brilliant! There’s nothing like the thrill of actually being there, of thousands of people cheering for the same thing and getting to see the game played by today’s sporting greats. It’s the kind of joy that you can’t put a price on, well, you can. And it’s a tad on the expensive side.

The average price for a bottle of premium gin is around £35, somewhat under a full day at a match. As well as being cheaper, the gin should last a little longer than an afternoon (though if it doesn’t the hangover certainly will).

Gin’s never off season

This time of year’s fantastic: the season’s approaching, the sun is still shining and footballs fans are filled with anticipation. Awesome! But the last few months? Where’s the sporting entertainment, if football’s your thing? Golf, golf doesn’t count. And tennis? Tennis is fine for a while but it’s not football.

Gin doesn’t have an off season. It’s available all year round. Long, hot day in summer? Gin. Bad break-up? Gin. School reunion? Gin. You can have gin any time, any place. It’s not restrained by the time of year (although some small batch, craft gins do vary a little depending on that years harvest).

Gin drinking isn’t dominated by men

When we talk about football, we are almost always talking about the cups and leagues that men play, and in contemporary society (and with our own women’s team reaching the semi-finals and coming third in this year’s Women’s World Cup) is this necessarily a good thing?

Gin doesn’t discriminate based on gender, nor on anything else for that matter! It’s not the biggest fan of flat tonic, no ice and limp garnish but I wouldn’t call that discrimination, just good taste. Gin is the drink for all (except the very young)!

7 Reasons Gin is Better Than Football



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