5 Sundowner Drinks

Sundowners are a classic way to relax after a long day. Take one sunset, one alcoholic beverage and enjoy these 5 sundowner drinks.

Some days simply cry out for long, frosted drinks, and sundowners are a nod to that. Easy to make and easy drinking, they are a way to lift spirits and take a little time for yourself at the end of a day. A sundowner is a moment of calm, of time for yourself to sit back and unwind. Incidentally, “Sundowner” is also the name used across Africa for an early evening drink, usually post-game drive with the same spirit and mentality of the rest and recuperation.

Here are 5 fantastically ginny, sundowners:

1. Sloe Gin Spritz

Sloe Gin Spritz

With a high sloe content, Sloemotion Sloe Gin is sweet and bursting with cherry-like almond flavour; it’s an incredibly viscous liqueur and ideal for mixing with dry, sparkling wine. The syrupy nature of sloe gin is beautifully lifted by the fizz!

Take an ice-filled Gin Festival copa glass and add:

  • 37.5ml Sloe Motion Sloe Gin

  • 150ml Sparkling Wine

Add a little more ice.

Top with soda water.

Garnish with blueberries and an edible flower.

2. Singapore Sling

Singapore sling

A long and fruity drink, this version of Singapore Sling is delightful with the rounded dryness and touch of rhubarb from Slingsby Gin. Singapore Slings often have lots of sugary ingredients added to them but we like to keep ours pretty simple and give the different spirits a chance to shine.

Shake together over ice:

  • 50ml Slingsby Gin
  • 12.5ml Cherry Heering Liqueur
  • 12.5ml Benedictine DOM

Strain into an ice-filled sling glass.

Top with soda and stir gently.

Garnish with a lemon slice and a cherry on a stick.

3. Masons Slow Distilled Sloe Gintonic

Masons Slow Distilled Sloe Gintonic

Sometimes, nothing beats a gin. Apart from a gin and tonic, and a very well-made gin and tonic at that. For a perfectly fresh gintonic, try it with Masons Slow Distilled Sloe Gin. Light and dry with a deep sloe flavour, it hits all the right notes.

Fill a Gin Festival Copa Glass with ice.

Stir the ice until it is level with the rim of the glass.

Drain away the excess water.

Pour in a double measure of Masons Slow Distilled Sloe to the glass.

Add finely chopped strawberries.

Gently pour Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water into the glass, down the length of a barspoon.

Stir and serve.

4. Mae Rose

Mae Rose

A Mae Rose is a wonderfully light and dry drink that works impeccably with Ford’s Gin. Ford’s is the gin designed for bartenders, and with some very noticeable lavender notes, it brings a fantastically complex layer to the citrus fresh Mae Rose.

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice then stir the following ingredients until the shaker is frosty:

  • 37.5ml Ford’s Gin
  • 25ml Dolin Dry Vermouth
  • 12.5ml Campari
  • 12.5ml Grapefruit Liqueur

Strain into a chilled coupe glass.

Garnish with pink grapefruit zest.

5. African Sundowner

African Sundowner

Inspired by Africa and made in England, Whitley Neill is a clear choice for sundowner cocktails! Exceptionally smooth with a touch of spice and some rather unusual citrus flavours, Whitley Neill is ideal in an African Sundowner, with its zesty orange goodness and hint of herbal complexity.

Take an ice-filled sling glass and add:

  • 25ml Whitley Neill

  • 25ml Triple Sec

  • 50ml Fresh Orange Juice

Add a little more ice.

Top with soda water.

Garnish with rosemary and a pink grapefruit twist.

What’s your go-to drink to help you unwind?

5 Sundowner Gin Cocktails



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