5 Romantic Gin Cocktail Recipes

Bring the two loves of your life (your partner and gin) together with these 5 romantic gin cocktail recipes. Or just treat yourself, you don't need an excuse for gin!

Spring Punch

Spring PunchLove is in the air, and you’ve a spring in your step, alternatively, you’d like a light and floral drink to take the edge off all the romance that’s around at the moment. Spring Punch, made with Zymurgorium’s English Hedge Rose Gin Liqueur will remind you that longer days and sunnier times are on their way.


  • Muddle one fresh, skinned pear in the base of a shaker

  • Add to the shaker:

    • 45ml Zymurgorium Hedge Rose Gin

    • 15ml fresh lemon juice

    • 5ml sugar syrup

  • Shake thoroughly with ice

  • Fine strain into an ice-filled Collins glass and top with tonic

Xocolatl Martini

Xocolatl MartiniSometimes nothing but a Martini will do, and there’s nothing more apt for Valentine’s Day than a perfect Martini made with X Gin. (‘Perfect’ meaning equal parts gin and vermouth). X Gin is unusually chocolately yet manages to avoid being sickly or moving away too far from what it is to be gin.


  • Stir over ice for approx. 12 seconds:

    • 35ml X Gin

    • 35ml Dry Vermouth

  • Strain into a chilled Martini glass

  • Garnish with shavings of dark chocolate


HoneymoonFor those of you with new loves or that love the romance of it all, there’s our twist on the brandy-based, lightly herbal fruity cocktail - Honeymoon. Le Gin de Christian Drouin begins life as a fine calvados brandy but as a gin it adds leafy apple and sharp pepper to any drink.


  • Shake together over ice:

    • 30ml Le Gin Christian Drouin

    • 30ml Benedictine

    • 10ml Triple Sec

    • 10ml Fresh Lemon Juice

    • Fresh Egg White

  • Fine strain into a chilled coupe glass

Hanky Panky

Hanky PankyAda Coleman’s classic Hanky Panky was made up on the fly for a regular at the Savoy. It’s a herbal twist on a Martini. We love it made G’vine Floraison, it softens it perfectly for your beloved.


  • Stir over ice:

    • 50ml G’vine Floraison

    • 50ml Sweet Vermouth

    • 5ml Fernet Branca

  • Fine strain into a chilled coupe glass and garnish with an orange twist

Blood Red Snapper

Blood Red SnapperIt’s not all roses and chocolates though, sometimes romance and love can be something a little spicier. If that’s what you’re looking for then we’ve got just the thing for you! A beetroot infused, Red Snapper, made with the most delicious Black Tomato gin. Using very rare and unusual black tomatoes as well as local water, this is a brilliantly savoury gin, ideal for a long and fiery drink.


  • Add to shaker:

    • 2 shots beetroot infused Black Tomato Gin*

    • 5 dashes Tabasco sauce

    • 6 dashes Henderson’s Relish

    • Pinch of celery salt

    • Squeeze lemon wedge

    • Dash celery bitters

    • 2 twists black pepper

    • 3 shots tomato juice

    • 1 ½ shots beetroot juice

  • Stir in Shaker

  • Strain into an ice-filled glass

  • Garnish with celery and twist salt

*Infuse 250ml Black tomato Gin with 50g cooked beetroot. Leave overnight.

5 Romantic Gin Cocktail Recipes



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